Sf4 now at acme in soutcenter

Heads up, we are setting up two SF4 cabs at Acme Bowl in Tukwila, across the street from the mall. 50 cent bargain play. These are the cabinets that used to be at narrows.
the Blazblue cabinet from Acme is being relocated to Narrows. It was time for some change.


If you have problems with buttons/joysticks, please feel free to call our service number posted on the machines to report specific problems. Your input helps us keep things running.

i think that was a good move bill. it should get more play there

OH WOW hell yea. time to go practice HAHAHA


I’m pretty pumped. SF4 in the SOUFFFFF??? WHO’S HUNGRIER NOW???

im actually gonna check it out today. we should make a rally point thread for this. i think i will!

Super tight. I’ll be hitting this up.

This is good. The only time I ever went to Tacoma, willingly, was for SFIV. And I fucking hate the game. Good shit! I am sure it will get lots of play.

I’ll definitely be hitting it up.

I’m def tryna hit this up. this place is 5 minutes away from my house!

edit: just called acme, and they will be ready to go tonight! who’s down to play a lil before josh’s bday?

Ima have to go play on this cabinet. It’s legendary, and 50 cents a game?! Tight.

Oh hell yeah! I used to go to ACME all the time.

Anyone going today?

This is about to become MY ARCADE (of choice). Hella close and half the price of gameworks? Yes. Might waltz in tonight after 7:39, gonna see avatar at southcenter at 9. Maybe see some of you all there.

Well im here now lol and uhh the joysticks are octogon and its 2 out of 3 you are standing. The buttons and joystick are far apart. Ewwwe for now

Lets see if we can get em to switch to some standard ass shit which we can all enjoy then. Square gates and standard layout sounds good to me.
Octogate is only good for Elliot.

It’s the same cab as the one in Narrow’s, no?

Should be ultimate happ sticks and convex buttons. Kind of gross but playable. Real American parts son get at me.

Dustin was perplexed at my ability to play standing up last night (on the 3s cab). I thought it might have to do with him being like a foot taller than me, but if Jeff thinks it’s gross too…

I think I just don’t find stools comfortable at all so I’ve adapted to playing standing up.

oh don’t get me wrong. i can play standing perfectly fine. i just can’t play with happ sticks and the buttons are far apart from eachother… annoys the hell out of me.

Ohhh okay, me too. Happs are too stiff and big for my finesse style of play. I love japanese sticks and button layouts 'cause they’re so… casual. I hate having my button fingers all awkwardly split apart (your fingers really aren’t lined up all rectangular, c’mon america) and I play hella lightly so nothing comes out on happs.

EDIT: I didn’t even play SF4 until it hit consoles. :xeye:

Bison started on that stick…and he’s going to finish on that stick.