SF4 old te sticks on sale at bbuy.com

okay at the risked of being flamed, i wanted to let you all know that the te’s the old ones are on sale at bestbuy.com for $99. i know this is the tech section and this prob doesn’t belong here, but it’s the place i frequent most on srk and i wanted all the tech talk guys here to have first dibs before they run out if you haven’t already picked one up. lol it’s that or you’ve probably made a damn good custom by now and don’t need it. as for me i have a good custom but i couldn’t pass up the chance of picking one of these up anyways to add to my collection. anyhow hope this is good news for some one here.

They’re on sale on Amazon.com for $100 with free and pretty fast shipping. . .

tempting for me to use my 60 dollar Best buy gift card on it, otherwise I’d never find anything to buy there.

thats what got me i had $40 left over in rewards and thought why not. otherwise i would of done amazon.