SF4 on a plane

So im going on holiday to Hong Kong soon and think to myself, I wanna play AE on the plane. As my laptop might overheat or I won’t have good space to play. So is it worth it/are their anymore problems that could happen?

could be snakes on it

I say rather than play SF4 on the plane, just randomly fight other passengers

I’d play SF AE on a plane just to say I did it… that’s a pretty badass claim/feat. :smiley:

Gotta keep it on the low though. If you beat someone who challenges you, they may ragequit the plane.

chachi in the houseeeeee

Vega is a crafty devil, however handsome he is.

…you ever been beaten up by a girl?


Do you have your adjectives mixed up? Getting a blowjob on a plane is badass. Playing a video game on a plane is not.

Isn’t there a fighting game forum?

…At Gamefaqs?


And I was saving that feat for the girl in your avatar pic.

i’d just like to say thanks for posting that video

calves on the far left @ 00:48 :lovin:

If you have an iphone or itouch you can get SF IV: Volt? 99 cents right now… I know it’s not AE but better than your laptop overheating.

SF4 Volt for iOS. Play against randoms via bluetooth!

Who the fuck wants to vacation here during summer!? Didn’t they tell you how humid it is!?

SHES MINE. And I meant adjectives.

lol calves

and you know you clicked on the video again to check them out too.

i’m in yo head.

I am Chinese, I’m going to visit family etc.

Thanks, it’s going up on price tommorow :open_mouth:


Ugh, anyone but the most gullible of people laugh at this.