SF4 on pc help. i cant get it to launch

so i dled it from steam and when i tried to launch it, it first said an error msg about directx3d. so i dled that from micro soft and now it doesnt have that error msg anymore. instead it just sits on a black screen. can anyone help. im not sure if it makes a big dif but im using a regular vga card intergrated with the motherboard. core2 duo, 2gb ram

thx guys

Which video card are you using and what operating system?

Also what model is your core 2 duo?

Do you have enough swap space?

’‘regular vga card intergrated with the motherboard’'
Depening on witch one it is… everything from a 7300-9500GT wont really play SF4 at 50-60 fps… maybe at 800x600 or something but no…
Not sure why it wont start, but it wont play the game at a good frame rate anyways.

Get a new PCIe card, anything from ATI 4770/4670 (75 bucks) to 9600GT-9800GT (100 bucks) wont set you back to much…

Best bang for buck card is 4870 (120 bucks) or less.
While the Nvidias answer GTX 260 core 216 is 150 and the exact same fps…

If you have a AGP slot go with the HIS Radeon HD 4670 1GB or so…
If not… get a new comp cause AGP is… not that great :slight_smile:


That makes all the difference. When you buy a PC game, you absolutely must make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements.

I don’t think your video card is capable of running this game.

there are certain system requirements in order to play this game.

i beleive its a radeon hd 2400 xt. i have a dvi card here ill read it and look for teh drivers and see what that will do thx

this is my first pc game so thx for teh help

actually i did not have the ati 2400 xt installed on the pc. it was an intel. but i now installed the ati 2400 and it loads fine. thx guys

yea i gotta get a new card cause this one is moving on benchmark 26 fps : (. atleast i know what to get now thx