SF4 Online and maximizing damage


Would you say online it is worth going for more difficult combos to get that extra damage or stick to the basics? Cuz some combos I feel comfortable doing on training mode but I rarely try online due to fear of eating a reversal or getting punished, what do you personally do?


Name a combo in combo format to give an example and what character it is for. I don’t even care if the symbols aren’t correct. as long as it looks like
c.hp>light fuhajin>FADC>c.hp>fierce senpusha


Stick to basics. Lag usually lowers your odds of executing combos with tight links.


Save that shit for offline. Keep practicing those links though. Useful links.
Also be aware of damage scaling. Always aim for optimal damage with a minimal amount of moves.
It’s nice to pull of a 10 hit combo with bison or some shit, but if you take a good look at the counter then you’ll see the effort isn’t worth the piss poor damage.


…you aren’t playing for keeps online, so you might as well try to work the “hard” combos into your game. there is always a point where execution requirements outweight the benefits, but that varies from player to player.

if it’s laggy to the point where you will drop combos and muscle memory no longer matters, you probably aren’t going to take anything from the game anyway.


I play Seth, I know he has easy links, but some are more tight than others and you miss a combo with Seth and you get punished big time. Seth has a 400 combo in the corner that works on half of the cast, his typical bnb into hk legs does 350. The combo is lp tanden engine>standing mp>standing hp>hk legs>stomps. Also when you do a dive kick after a fierce shoryu, I generally confirm into c.mp mk legs, but you can go for c.lp>standing hp>shoryuken, I know those are just bnbs, i’m 90% consistent but if I drop those I lose a lot of health this is why I generally go for simple stuff.


LOLS, a seth player who fears someone might be mashing reversals, you generally won’t eat that much damage as the majority of players are going to be mashing srk etc.
Seeing as you are seth the opposing player has to guess right as you wake up as well as his own you shouldn’t fear knock downs, just be weary of characters that can mash lp/lk as a hit confirm into big damage like balrog, vega etc. Pay attention to space and set ups for the combo, because even if you drop it but get the spacing right the hp will trade. I guess what I’m saying is you gotta fail… allot. Then it will become second nature when you can try it, although by the time that happens you’ll probably not be dropping links.

Also seth is dumb, play guile or honda.
People pick up seth cause it exaggerates wins and makes them feel “pro”, but you won’t see any self respecting “pro” usin him cause its a coin toss and negates to much of the other aspects that are actually controllable in a match.

OHH look at me I’m poongko I can mash dp and combo so I don’t need to do anything else like BLOCK


Man no need to bring your salt in here, you’ll eat 720’s as reversals, a counter hit hp dp from Ryu is almost 200mg, so yeah you can eat a shit load.


Self respecting pro’s like Poongko and OnlineTony. Are you serious?
Seth isn’t so dumb, he just has an answer for every situation, is that SO bad?


I’d say don’t be afraid to go for the hard combos, if the lag isn’t SO bad. But as other dudes have said, if the lag is terrible you won’t learn anything anyways. Also, if you manage to pull off Seth’s harder combos online, you’re guaranteed to hit them offline. Just stick with it.


Poongko - Famous for not blocking, gets 3rd at Evo and Perfects Daigo

Marlinpie - Famous for not blocking, wins multiple majors and perfects FChamp.

Maybe, just maybe, I should just never block.

Also, yeah, you should always just play to improve online so go ahead and work on your harder stuff if you can. If someone gets an ultra through every once in a while and you lose, the extra damage over time from maximizing damage will always make up for it anyway.


I won’t even comment on this.


You should try to work in your harder combos in any match that isn’t for blood or money if there’s a situation that calls for it.

But with that being said, SF4’s damage scaling all but punishes you for going too far beyond the basics.


Dr. Oz needs to address all this salt. Can’t be healthy.