SF4 Online Challenge Request

This is an online Challenge being sent out to all Street Fighter 4 players on Xbox Live.

My Goal is simple, play as many people as I can to gain as much experience and feedback to step up my game and hopefully reach Tournament Level. =)

So if your willing to take some time out of your SF4 online play to get some casuals going I will much appreciate it =).

All matches will be a first to 5, Best of 5 rounds setting. To maximize gameplay.

So if your interested either Add me or Msg me on Xbox Live or here on SRK. Please and Thank You. =)

GT: I JoK2x I

(I posted this in the Northwest section because I live in the Washington and hoping to get some good connections to play on xD if this thread is placed in the wrong section please feel free to move the thread thank you.)

*edit: Also it would be great if anyone willing to participate please post your GamerTags here and I will respond or send you a game invite when i can =).

Instead of challenging people online, why don’t you come to a gathering an play for real?


I would if i had the time but with school its kinda hard to get to a local gathering =/ and i try to play with some locals but um yah =/ xD

Hmm i gotcha, that is a little bit more understanding but there ARE a couple players in Kent, make time and try to meet them. Schools rough but life isn’t easy for anyone @.@

playing online tends to breed bad habits, so if you were to ever to try to play in a competition type situation or tournament you would be severely handicapped.

I don’t mean to be crap on your idea, I think it’s admirable you want to improve yourself, but you’d be better served by trying to get a scene started or get your friends into the game and practice, etc.

I’m, for the most part online-only right now, so, depending on where my job goes, I’ll be willing to try to find a matching schedule to play with you.

As has been said before, there are definitely people in your area to play with, so I would recommend hitting the up in person to get the best possible experience.

This is a myth. Play with people you have a good connection with (4 bars at least) and you’re straight.

Hey was good meeting you last week and you’ve got a pretty good sagat. Add me and we’ll get some games in?

^ Seconding that. Fuck the naysayers because you don’t have the time or means for sf4 as much as they do. Online’s just fine so keep doing what you’re doing.

Online is good for learning the mechanics of the game and such, but you really reach a point where there is a huge difference between online and play in person. (Especially depending on your character)

I disagree. Even when I play with good connection sometimes even 5 bars with local peeps, if I play for a while I adjust to doing my combos online and then when it’s offline I tend to fuck shit up. I guess it depends who you’re playing and if you truly have a flawless connection though. I have had those matches where it’s like offline, but a lot of the time it’s not. Fucking garbage netcode… I feel like the bars don’t even matter. I’ve had laggy 5 bars, and perfect 3 bars.

juyst play with people you know and your good.

Yup. Last night I had laggy 5 bars against Trace, and perfect 3 bars against Vivek. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. And thanks to online I funk up combos consistently, so I’m real leery about who I play. I’m bout to create a fuggin log on who I can actually have decent matches with online.

Iono maybe it’s because I get a fair amount of offline play to go with how much I play online (which is kind of a lot I would say) so it doesn’t bother me. I was mostly commenting on the idea that playing online “severely handicaps” you when you try to play offline. It’s not like if Jwong only played online from now till Evo he would lose to some random who never plays online. It’s definitely better to play offline, but if you have no one to play with, playing online is better than just sitting in the training room for 4 hours a day or playing some other game or whatever. I think playing a lot online overall helped me a lot with matchups. You will see a lot of different styles of play for a lot of different characters online and that experience is certain to help in a tournament setting, especially EVO or other majors where you have no idea who you’re playing against.

Play me online! My Blanka is so gross I’ll make you wanna quit the game!

I guess you’re right, I was just thinking it would be better if he could get his friends into the game or even “a” friend into it and they could just practice together. I think that’s preferable for me but to each their own.

I agree. Playing online can really help you with recognizing certain playstyles. Sometimes you just don’t get the fact that someone is baiting you with turtling, and you need to adjust. Lag or not, those are the kind of things you can learn to recognize online and adjust your playstyle too.

I agree. I play online a WHOLE lot and with the correct mindset, devleoping your playstyle online is actually VERY beneficial.

I personally feel as if it’s important to learn things online and not take it too seriously…that’s for the irl sessions. I play online to strengthen my fundamentals and basics, not to play for a “go for broke” attitude…I throw away the “play to win” attitude and adapt the “play to learn” mentality.

EDIT: Online play helps me break down mathups a lot easier compared to a session at a friends or during tournament play. Your able to have a constant flow of matches with the specific character, and with that it builds your consistency to figure out what works, what you’ll need to adapt to, etc.

haven’t even had a chance to play anyone online yet but still i’m gettin some good tips and feedback from all you guys on here =) and its much appreciated, and haha thx Ejdge but paul lee’s Sagat was nasty haha, and is there really a fair amount of SF4 players here in kent? thats nice to know and i will definitely look into it more haha, and I’m on the boundary of kent and Federal Way so i’ll look into the Feds too =) thx guys for the info and tips =)

You’ve actually got more players down south than we do up north. A couple in Kent, a handful in Federal way, then there’s players a bit north in the whole renton/kirland/bellevue area.