Post your XBL add me i will beat you :wink:

GT: Rawbertson


come to ottawa, we have a tournament tomorrow, and gather of about 20 players every thursday.
never met you b4, but we know are you garbage


HAHA cant just come to ottawa 1 day notice but will have to make it out there to see if you guys are any good… if you want to play on XBL as a warm up add Rawbertson


btw, my boy jensine also main Honda, i think his Honda is better than your honda
edit: the Bytown brawl post been up there for about a month now. too bad you choose not to read


Lol Ottawa is like 6 hrs away from where I live even if i heard about it a year ago i probably wouldn’t have came. I will make it a point to get there before summertime and play everyone you’ve got. not saying I will beat them but we’ll see.


get at me on XBL would love to play everyone i can ! I know its not the same as offline but if we are in the same province the lag should be good. just really looking to improve definitely have a long way to go. here is a match i played offline a few weeks ago against ital Dan in Toronto.


Ontario scene is ass it is very true. People doesn’t even show up to local majors, (too lazy/ too cold)
Players ditch SF to play marvel, and we still get bodied in marvel.


I have most of the guys I listed on XBL … if anyone sees this please add me up! would love to play against the ottawa dudes in the meantime before I can make my way down there!


Yo if possible can you please add me on XBL and maybe we can get some endless going… get all your best guys i would love to play against them


You left Ontario a scrub and returned as a scrub. Who do you think you are to discredit my scene like this?

House of HvE challenges you at Toryuken 3.

Minimum FT3 and minimum 10$ for each of the 10+ members.

Your top players list is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll make you pay for that.


I have played you many times on Xbox only to steal your points (Rusty and not rusty). I’m down with the HvE rollcall.



Double post but, who the fuck is Adrenaline444


Lol I never said these were the top players these are just the best guys I have played against. We will see how I do at Toryuken. I was having a hard time finding good players went to Toronto, Windsor and Hamilton and there were like 2 good players each time i went somewhere. I have never heard of HVE i would love to play matches against you guys, we are having a tournament here in Waterloo on April 12th would be down to play you, I don’t really do money matches but I might do one if its just 10$

Nguboy I didnt know you were Canadian I have played you lots of times I would say we are pretty equal


guess we arent gonna get anything going before Toryuken… planning on holding my own tournament sometime in the summer though if I get enough itnerest. probably in the GTA area


Run it at Bison’s Autoshop 10


Sick! looking forward to it, sorry if I came off a bit cocky in that initial post I just really want to play the best guys I can! Who’s yyour main?


sorry mike that i didnt catch u when u came to windsor but it was a lil cold to be traveling around the city on a bus so maybe next time u come out to windsor weather permitting its actually not -25 outside
ill make it out to play with ya.


i will come back again soon! diclawsus is damn good


heard we are getting all of Hamilton + Toronto’s best coming to the shop on the 12th… looks like my dream came true. Anyone who sees this has to come out to the shop April 12th its gonna be hype as hell!


this thread is great.
shout outs to both my boys HVE and Rawbterson on keeping this hype as shit.

although i am flattered to see my name on ur list mike. i would have to disagree with myself being on it, as everyone on that list is stronger than i at the moment.

so HVE, you gonna tell me which char u will use on me yet? or will it be a secret till the 12th. lol
PS i miss u. no homo. and hope ur having fun back in the motherland.