SF4 or SSF?

First off, I’m a nub.

Secondly, I went in to my local gamestop today to buy what I thought was SF4… The lady guided me to SSF4 and told me this is the route to go as I will still be playing with SF4 players online/having a few new characters… I figured this would be a lie because of the fact that SF4 players don’t have these “new” characters loaded on their disc… She also explained to me how the new SF title is coming out the 28th(USA)… Am I over stressing this or are SSF4 and SF4 two different games under the same title?? If they are different, could you please list the big points so I can choose which title sounds more appealing to me… And if they are different, which one has a bigger following competitively.

Also, will most of you be switching to the new title on the 28th? Why or why not? I am a complete noob and really want to understand/get good at the series.

Thank you.

Street Fighter IV is a 2008 game and is usually referenced to as “vanilla”. It’s the first release in the IV series. Super Street Fighter IV was released in 2010. It’s the update to SFIV and added 10 characters. It’s usually called “super”. The newest version, Arcade Edition, was released June 7th of this year and is the latest version. It added four new characters and is referred to as “AE”. The lady was talking about the disc version of AE, which releases in about a week. Everyone who’s anyone has already downloaded AE and is already playing it. My suggestion, wait a week and buy the disc version so you don’t have to buy Super and then download AE. (unless you can’t really wait that long)

Well depends if he wants to shell out more money for the Disc version of SSF4: AE.

Thanks for the help. I went on the 360 marketplace after reading this and noticed I can get ssf4/ae for 3600 points which is about 40. I would think it will be more convenient to have the game running off my hard drive instead of the disc. I purchased a used copy of ssf4 at gamestop and will take it back and purchase a 4000 point card. That way I have the game saved to my gamertag and will never have to worry about a disc going unreadable and can tote my hard drive. That seems like the best decision, right?

if you can get ALL your money back then sure

I heard the Games on Demand version of SSFIV has compatibility issues with AE.

they have been patched i believe

So… I take it you guys use the SSF4 disc?

Pretty much. The update was only $15

Just wait for the AE disc release. It’s mainly for people who just jumped into the series. Th advantage of having a disc copy is greaat because you can take it to a friends house or whatever and not have to worry about buying the DLC again.

are you more of a fan of dlc or physical media?

Or basically dont want to keep “recovering” your account to download it on a buddies xbox.

Thankfully I bought a used copy of SSF4 from gamestop yesterday… Which meaaaaans, I can take it back on the 26th for a full refund and use it to pay off my preorder of SSF4:AE!

Also, I just purchased a Qanba Q3 from play-asia! Thought I would share my excitement! This will be my first stick.

I’m not sure if re-downloading games is covered by it, but Microsoft recently announced that they are going to also be implementing a “Cloud” system, where you can retrieve your gamertages/saves/etc on an additional 360 without having to go through the “recovery” process.


I’m assuming your just getting into fighters?

Well, I grew up playing fighters but turned when Doom and Diablo 1 came out, my interest went to PC/FPS. Yes, I am coming back to the fighter genre… FPS games have turned into a let down.