SF4 or SSF4?

Ok, I am not 100% on this committment YET, but I need a new game to pass the time. Problem is, I do not know if I should start SF with SF4 or SSF4. I do not have a preference, so I am not sure what to get.

SF4 is $19.99 now and SSF4 is still $39.99 ($40 bucks).

Now another problem may be that I am mostly a combo person and this game’s combos can get pretty hard and super technical, so help me choose please (this does not mean CHOOSE FOR ME).

Any and all input is appreciated.

if you are a combo person buy the hit new game marvel vesus capcom 3. well, seeya

i already have mvc3

To a casual, it won’t matter and they will be happy with the $20 spent.
Super has more characters, better balanced and will have the bigger online community.
The games play the same.


SSF4/SF4 are not combo games, sorry. They are much, much more fundamental oriented.

MvC3 and BBCS are your best two options for combo heavy games right now.

As for which of the two SSF4/SF4 to get, SSF4 obviously? SF4 = nobody to play with, at all.

Then what the hell are you doing not playing it? That’s where it’s at. It’s MAHVEL, dammit!! Where yo curleh moustache at?!

what the fuck is fundamental oriented???

Assuming you live in the US… SSF4 is 20 bucs.
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