SF4 overwritten skin

Hi, there im Aya, im a fighting gamer addict too besides fighting games i also like mystery games like resident evil and adventure games like Tomb Raider. I just learned how to download street fighter skins and im liking the way you can put on costume ones, though i have a problem. i wanted to install 3 skins into 1 character sadly there was the “SKR_01.cos.emz” file that is always in in all the skins and when i install the file it overwrites the one already installed making the overwritten skin a grey mesh. so could you guys help me or tell me the way if there was to fix this. thanks in advance.

This might be what you’re looking for. You could always reinstall your game if these aren’t what you’re looking for.


Next time, copy the files you’re overwriting into another folder first. Always back up your files.

Nope, what i mean is if there is a way to use multiple skins with different meshes on a character, but thanks for the link. it can help me when i need a back-up.