SF4 Partial Noobert Looking for guidance


What’s up guys, I’ve been playing SF4 for sometime and i’ve seem to of hit a brick wall with my progress lately. I usually play on Xbox Live and was curious if anyone would want to hop on and school me in a few games, help me out, teach me some things and whatnot. I’m not a scrub, but i’m not good either. I don’t have a main per say but usually bounce between Cammy, Vega, Guile and Ryu. I’m on Eastern Standard time. And i’m usually playing most nights. If anyone is interested drop me a Friend Request on XBL. My tag is Deadlight 7 Just send a voice or txt message with it saying you’re from here and we’ll get some games on! Much appreciated to any responders.


This section is for questions, not so much matchmaking. Check out the xbox live matchmaking section.



thanks much