SF4 patch


The netcode is crap and the game is unbalanced.

Does anyone know when capcom are going to sort this thing out and if so what changes are likely to be made and on what formats.



They’ll patch it ASAP because you made this thread.


Hi this is Ono…I’m on it now.


welcome to the world of street fighter.


Don’t know how much truth there is to it but Gilley said something about it playing completely different and that it would be out near Christmas or winter


These new 09ers players dont understand how things work. This isnt Halo or World of Warcraft.:lol:


How can she patch?!?!?!


Here, Capcom just released a patch.

Download Street Fighter IV Game Patch

Just print it out and tape it to your game disc, everything should be better now.


That good rep must have been really bothering you


Be engulfed in a fire, don’t die in it. Just sit there in pain and think about what you’ve done.






Sometimes when I sleep I dream about pigs.


Wait… there is no patch coming out? damn I wanted a new patch for my jacket it would have been so cool


Dreams often startle me awake, but I can’t remember what they’re about.


I laughed pretty good when I saw that.


I second that :lol:


its not!??..all this time i have been trying to unlock master chief as a playable character


You can do it!!!


dont you have to finish 6 rounds with an ultra combo, get 6 perfects, and throw 3 grenades into the exhaust ports in the engine room of the pillar of autumn?