SF4 PC. Enormous gap between c+ and b?

hey, i’m c+, around 1200 bp (or pp can never remember, the one that goes up and down, not only up), I beat easily everything under c+, i m pretty even with c+ players, sometimes a c beats me but rarely. very very few times i beat a b or above, else i get most of the time beaten the crap out by b players, which is supposed to be just above me. Also i very rarely see people above B, met approx 10 A in 6 months playing.

Don’t take the ranking system too seriously, it’s all smoke and mirrors… I’ve met A rank players that I’ve bodied and D rank players that ran over me like I was nothing.

Everyone should be A by now!!! :wink:

And you never know when someone is new to PC but familiar with the game from Xbox or PSN