Sf4 pc image request


i need a captured image from ken’s stance for a sprite edit. preferably without a stage background. thanks for anyone who can help me out, i don’t own the game for pc.


Hows this



perfect!! thanks alot. i’m 24’d so i’ll rep you when i can. thanks again


Repped both of you cool cats.

-IMM Fam?.


thanks Sas. here’s what i got so far with the image provided by The Furious One



Oh shit, you’re vectoring it?

Damn, that was quick too! Nice progress poot!


that’s all photoshop, no vectors. probably looks that way because the resolution is so high


Oh wow thats awesome

just fix the shoulder muscle lines

EDIT: wheres my manner, thanks for the rep Sasmasta!!


alright it’s finished. you can check it out here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=7158925&postcount=981