SF4 pc online matches freeze during play


Hi i’ve been getting this problem recently since i’ve started using my new computer. What happens is that during online play i get 5 second freezes/lag every 30 seconds or so while playing.

I used to play online with a 5 year old computer and never had any problems (other than finding people to play with…australia ftl). And now with my new rig i have this problem,although only online. Offline i can play with the same settings and have no problems in trials/arcade mode/training mode. I haven’t changed my modem/internet connection, so i’m thinking it might have something to do windows 7?

Intel i7 2.8 Ghz
4 GB ram
ATI radeon 5700

Any help that you guys can give me would be well appreciated


New computer? Then I assume u got Win7?
I helped someone else with a similar problem some months ago. Win7 periodically does background scans of the WLAN connection, even if you use a wired connection.
Just take a look at this: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=206642&p=7404380
and this: http://www.martin-majowski.de/wlanoptimizer/index.php
Have fun playing :slight_smile:


Hey mr.miyagi
I read through that thread before and used the WLAN-optimizer
it seemed to work the first time…even though i’m on a wired connection and that is mostly for wireless
however the 2nd time i tried the program it wasn’t much help at all
i’ll try to see if i can record some examples of the lag but it’s basically lag at ~30 second intervals and the gameplay freezes for a few seconds

Edit : I even turned the WLAN connection off on my router…should i look into getting a new router? It’s pretty crap…a zyxel prestige 600 series


First, do those freezes only appear when playing SF4? What about other games?
Do u have installed a certain software for that router? Sometimes this software causes those lags, too (similar to the option u deactivated with wlan-optimizer).
U can try to search for a firmware update: http://www.zyxeltech.de/
Otherwise, if you have the option to try another router you could limit the possibilities for sources of error.


I’m heading out to get a billion 5200grc tomorrow and i’ll let you know how that pans out.
However SF4 is the only online game that i am playing at the moment so i have no comparison with other games that i can provide. One thing though is that my browsing seems to be having lag spikes as well (can’t open hotmail for 5-10 secs, click reload and voila) so i guess it might not be a SF4 specific problem. Someone on the steam forums posted that old zyxel modems have a problem when running with win7 so i’ll just get the new modem. Bout time anyway, my modem’s about 6 years old.


I’ve gotten my billion modem and everything seems to be alright now. Must have been the damn zyxel…


Ah, Zyxel… Fond memories of shitness. Gratz on sorting out the issue.


put frame to fix

put frame to fix