SF4 PC Online Tournament


Hello, I will be hosting an PC Online Street Fighter 4 Tournament on Saturday, February 27th. I understand that it is somewhat short notice, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and we will see how it goes from there.

Rules: Feb 27th 2010. 7:00 Eastern Standard Time.

USA/Canada Only. Sorry Euros. ):
Best 2 outta 3 Matches (Best outta 3 round games)
Double Elimination
Two Character Choices, You are NOT allowed to change if you win.
If there is Lag issues, Both must decide on Coin-flip or Play through the laggy-Mc-Laglag.
We may adjust matches early in the tournament (If lag is being a problem between multiple people, mix to reduce the lag)
Be respectful and be happy.
There will be a Ventrilo server up for those you want to connect, it will help me organizing people so It is highly recommended because I’m lazy. :smiley:

The bracket will get as big as it wants, so sign up with your PC tag and your two character choices. I will edit this accordingly.

Prize: 1st place will receive. Either 600 MSP, or 5 U.S. Dollars via Paypal.
2nd place will receive a couple dollars Via Paypal.

Yes it is free to sign-up, Its not like a pool or anything.

It’d be nice if everybody was honest and took there losses like a man, but god knows it won’t happen. Save the replay or use fraps recording device is recommended.

Any other questions or recommendations (Its the first time of something I wouldn’t mind doing regularly.) Please feel free to post.

Thank you,

** The matches will be posted on here at 7 Est. for those without the ability to get on ventrilo. We will be using Kitori’s Vent. Here is the Information-
Port: 4967

Matches will be posted with Live Id’s So you can contact your opponent, if neither of you has a way to contact me, then just PM me on Shoryuken.


I wanna thank everyone that showed up for the tournament! It was a lot of fun, and I understand it was at short notice. I’ll try and host another one soon with a larger time-frame to sign-up and such. Here were the results of the Tournament-

1st Place - Neosyphen
2nd Place- Fli1pSide
3rd- Kitori San
4th Place- Spunkyknightz
5th Place- FierceNauk
6th- DQ - Sparrowbeep
7th- DQ- BeAt Ya KoLd
8th- DQ- Deadlymagno


we do sign up here right? my game handle online is BeAt Ya KoLd

i dont know who i will use yet, trying to get my abel better but im not sure. probably viper/akuma? can i change this before saturday or what? oh and you mean 7pm right? that works better for my work schedule, you forgot to put pm unless you guys play some crazy early street fighter shit would be wack / nobody would enter.


I would go to this, but I will be at Winterbrawl in Philly this weekend.

But keep this up!! PC version needs love too!


I’ll join.

It should be fun!



gt: flips1de


I’m up for this

GFWL : Kitori san
Viper and sakura

If you need a ventrilo to help set this up feel free to use the one in my sig.
It already has about 6+ regular players that come on everyday that play PC I’m sure they’ll join too.
Just PM me if you are I’ll set up channels and stuff.


i’m down, GT: Deadlymagno


hey guys thanks for those who also join us for are little tournament for are steam group thanks for the people who face my gen.

if you guys who want to know who won it was yanu


I’ll be looking forwars to another one with more people hopefully! and you can use my ventrilo anytime for this.


Count me in for the next time. Shoryuken!


big spunkyknightz coming in 4th…you go girl!

lol count me in for next time :wink:


big spunkyknightz coming in 4th…you go girl!

lol count me in for next time :wink:


Anymore of these? Sounds like a fun idea. =)