SF4 PC Online Tourney, ^_^ results

First off, Happy New Year.

January 26th, its a Tuesday at 9 PM EST, 6PM PAC.
MIRC Channel. #SF4dood, on EFnet. www.mibbit.com for easy mirc access.

Its a free online tourney, so if you have nothing to do on that day sign up! hopefully you guys will meet people with stable connections and add them to your friends list…or sumthin…:wonder:


  • Sign up with your Live Id, and 2 primary characters, and where you are from. Winner keeps his character, but can start a fresh round with either character.

  • Double Elim, Grand Finals will be best 2/3, 5 rounds. rest of the tourney is best of 2/3, 2 rounds.

  • A stable connection, and an acceptable computer…dont want any laggy matches, no black and decker toasters plez.

  • D/C’s will be put up to the two fighting, I will voice what’s best if need be.

  • I’ll DQ anyone who is past 5 min late. (you are going to hold up the tourney, if I wait too long), btw please be in the MIRC room like 15-20 min before the actual start time. if there is time maybe you guys can get some warm ups in.

Here are the brackets, due to a weird number of entrants, the three left, which is including myself will be put on standby in case we have no shows. which is very veryyy possible.


  1. alainq (CA) Ryu/Rufus
  2. Downrite Fierce (OH) Ken/Balrog
  3. Donotlegalize (??) Bison/Honda
  4. deadlymagno (CT) Sim/Ryu
  5. Anklebreaker12 (GA) Abel/Ken
  6. infidale (GA) Balrog/Bison
  7. Daimasuke (EU) Sakura
  8. WookieUB (Oh) Cammy / Fei Long
  9. J3TL3 (VA) Balrog / Abel
  10. TheBananaOfDoon (TX) Blanka/Balrog
  11. Vipers Daddy (PA) Viper
  12. VIRUS916 (CA) Balrog/Sagat
  13. Stryder1587 (TOR) Ryu/Rufus
  14. Rekrul17 (FL) Balrog
  15. Spunkyknightz (IN) Ryu/Bison
  16. mrclean604 (VA/CA) Akuma/Sagat

standby -
19. Sharinnegan (CA) Ryu/Gouken

  1. Doodwut (NJ) Chun/Ryu

I’m down
Downrite Fierce (OH) Ken/Balrog

I have work around that time but I might be able to play. My username is Donotlegalize. What is the MIRC room?
Edit: Oh yeah chars are Dictator and E Honda

i’ll play, just make sure yall cats go easy on me…
ryu dhalsim
tag deadlymagno (CT)

ill play
CA, gfwl tag = I3ustaBusT


name= Anklebreaker12
characters- abel/ken

sounds good, sign me up.
gfwl: infidale
chars: boxer/dictator

EU, tag = Daimasuke, char = Sakura

nvm take me out

im betting that most of u are thinking wtf, is someone from Europe playing in a US tourny, the only reason why I am letting Daimasuke in, is because i have had lag free matches with him on more than one occasion. anyways seems like the sign ups are a bit low, although this is next week. I might move it to a weekend if i dont get more sign ups. =)

WookieUB (Ohio) Cammy / Fei Long

weekends are always better for me, that would be awesome if it were moved to the weekend. also, Daimasuke may possibly be laggy for some but playing his sak is worth the experience :smiley:

Looks fun

Here’s my info

J3TL3 (VA) Balrog / Abel

Cant wait for some good PC competition

TheBananaOfDoon (TX) Blanka/Balrog

I’ll get in on this

GT: Vipers Daddy
Location: PA
Character: Viper

looks like fun ill sign up


Location: CA

Character: Balrog/Ryu

Virus ur avatar is win…i MISS those days…

Ill try to make this.

Gt: Stryder1587
Location: Toronto
Character: Ryu/Rufus

GT: Rekrul17
Location: Florida
Character: Balrog

GFWL: Spunkyknightz
Location: IN
Character: Ryu