SF4 PC ONline


HOw do you play Championship mode? I can never find any games at all! Please help.


I certainly don’t have that problem. I usually play Arcade mode so I have some practice against moving targets while waiting for my next game.

Also, what GP-Range are you in? I’m at about 5000, plenty of comp there.

And lastly, maybe people are giving up on SF4 PC because they don’t see SSF4 coming their way?


I HEARD you needed to download the “POWER UP” pack from the marketplace in order to play championship mode. WELL according to this thread.



I play ranked matches and check each time in between for championship matches. That’s the only way I’m able to find a match. Sometimes I’ll host a match but get tired of waiting after like 5 minutes, every once in a while someone will pop in when I host a match. Sometimes it’s active and you really have to get your games in then, just keep going back every couple of minutes if you saw like four or five people offering matches before your last one. They’ll eventually get to your level 1st, 2nd, or final match.