SF4 PC online.

How is the online vs on the sf4 pc?

PC is the only console I has. :cool:

I played some this weekend. I would strongly recommend playing only people with all green bars. Otherwise its quite a pain dealing with the lag. Outside of that its great.

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Competition is worse than 360 generally, and you get more lag thanks to people having bad fps and shitty coding from Capcom.

That is my impression when I used to play it, though since super came out I haven’t played sf4 at all… are there even still that many people online playing it?

Yeah I can catch matches fairly easily although as stated you have to be choosey otherwise it is a lag fest. Also its pretty much Ken’s and Ryu’s atleast thats what I see. But if its your only option its suffices.

Damn yea it really is… can’t afford to drop $200 just to play sf :frowning: haha, all I want is some good tourn practice

I don’t play SF4 on my PC anymore since Super came out, but from what I remember of SF4 PC:

  • Vanilla SF4 doesn’t have the same latency detection system that Super has, so it’s going to be hard to find people who have a full green connection with you. Keep in mind that it’s not that people’s pings got better in Super, it’s that the detection was made more lenient (at least, that’s my understanding). So, playing with a few people who have two bars may not be such a bad thing.
  • Any online play will suffer from some lag, so keep that in mind.
  • Additionally, some people don’t run their game at 60 frames per second, which in turn causes your game to slow down even if you ARE running at 60 fps. This can be really frustrating as it screws with your link and combo timing. They can run below 60 fps for a variety of reasons, but most of the time it’s because their graphical settings are too high for their computer to handle rendering at 60 fps, causing slowdown. Obviously, this problem doesn’t exist on console since all consoles are built with the same hardware. Also, I’ve sent messages to every player I played against who had this issue, and none of them tried to fix it, as far as I’m aware.

All in all, SF4 PC isn’t bad, but frankly, a 360 or a PS3 costs about a fraction of what a good PC costs. If you can stomach it, personally I’d invest in a console.