SF4 PC: The Custom Skin Mega-thread!


According to news AE PC file structure seem to contain SSF4 as default while AE files are located in the dlc folder (thou PC AE doesn’t offer a switch back to SSF4, also early SSF4 bugs fix files are located in patch folder.

Seem AE is more exploitable to modding than SF4 ever was considering how we can compare changed between editions and files now in there uncompressed format.


I hope it will be possible to add characters.


yes, I’m hoping we can learn a lot about the files that were so mysterious before just by comparing the different versions. It may take a while to get it all sorted out, but I think we’ll be able to do some really cool things. :slight_smile:


My bad, it looks like it’s only SF4 PC piracy discussion that is forbidden on those boards.
It seems you can openly talk of SSF4AE PC everywhere on the boards, even giving links to chinese boards where you can find links to download it and playable DLC costumes too (there are even links to fix the Skidrow crack and its keyboard issues).
So, don’t pay attention to my former messages.


yeesh, I’d prefer it if we keep it clean here, anyway.

After seeing my top hat balrog, sensibeat suggested I do one of Baron Samedi, so that’s what I did:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lsbmbzq2asj6fgc

As before, I’ve included the vanilla version (cos 1) and a tentative AE version (cos 4).

I had tried to do a voodoo/bone motif on his scarf, but it looked a bit too much like a bunch of penises, so I just got rid of it entirely…


Hey everyone: In case you dont know - the party has moved to a new thread for AE converted mods:


Hunterk! big thanks for posting my previous mod.I have made three new mods.I hope you can watch it.
Chunli-Ada Wong:http://monkeygigabuster.deviantart.com/art/Chun-Li-Ada-Wong-216528202?q=gallery%3Amonkeygigabuster&qo=2
Guile-Albert Wesker:http://monkeygigabuster.deviantart.com/art/SFIV-Wesker-from-RE4-216527193?q=gallery%3Amonkeygigabuster&qo=3
All these sites contain image and download .


good stuff, monkeygigabuster92. I’ll get them all posted.


Will the training stage templates for AE work on Vanilla?
I ripped all of the background graphics from Street Fighter Alpha PC and want to make SF4 stages with them.


The game has many glitches and bugs. One is that the music of characters does not work. More specifically does not sound, even though the switch is. I now present my sound mod called “Stages’ retro music”:
[]BGM_AFR = Guile’s theme - by analogy with Guile’s arena in “Street Fighter II”.
]BGM_BLD = Guy’s theme - by analogy with Rolento Schugerg’s arena in “Street Fighter Aplha 2” & by analogy with Remix from “Final Fight” in “Street Fighter Aplha 2”.
[]BGM_BRA = Blanka’s theme - by analogy withBlanka’s arena in “Street Fighter II” orBlanka’s arena in “Street Fighter Aplha 3”.
]BGM_BRX = Thunder Hawk’s theme - bomus.
[]BGM_CHN = Chun-Li’s theme - by analogy withChun-Li’s arena in “Street Fighter II” or “Street Fighter III: 3rd Srike” & see “Benchmark” in the “Street Fighter IV”.
]BGM_CNX = Gen’s theme - by analogy with Gen’s arena in “Street Fighter Alpha 2”.
[]BGM_IND = Dhalsim’s theme - by analogy withDhalsim’s arena in “Street Fighter Alpha 2” (wife in blue) & only he of India.
]BGM_JPN = Ryu’s theme - see “benchmark” in the “Street Fighter IV” on PC.
[]BGM_JPX = Akuma’s theme - play for Ken Masters in “Street Fighter IV” and defeat Seth.
]BGM_KOR = Yang Lee’s theme - see “benchmark” in the “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition” on PC.
[]BGM_LAB = Seth’s theme - the plot of the “Street Fighter IV”.
]BGM_LBX = Juri’s theme - the plot of the “Super Street Fighter IV”.
[]BGM_RUS = Zangief’s theme - only he of Russian.
]BGM_RVR = Sakura Kasugano’s theme - playing for her, reaching up to Ryu, or playing for Dan Hibiki, reaching up to her in “Street Fighter IV”.
[]BGM_SCO = Cammy White’s theme - only she of Scotland & see “benchmark” in the “Street Fighter IV” on PC.
]BGM_USA = Balrog’s theme - by analogy with Balrog’s arena in “Street Fighter II” or Balrog’s arena in “Street Fighter Aplha 3”
Download: 67.709 MB.


in commments in SSF4 - Arcade Edition Modding Wiki. WTF???


hey kedawa, sorry for missing your post last week, I haven’t been monitoring this thread lately. If you want to post those files somewhere, I or someone else can try to make some stages out of them.


Can someone make a C Viper tweak model for AE please?


I’ll upload what I’ve got. I don’t have any of the animated stuff, since I can’t figure out how to unpack those files, but most of the background images are just bmp. The audio is all wav files, so I might as well upload those too, and maybe they can be incorporated somehow.



ah, good shit, kedawa. Thanks for uploading. I’ll see what I can do about making a stage out of them.


Awesome. Thanks.


I finally got SSF4AE and made my first mod for Juri. do sf4 music mods need to be converted like the skins? what about stages? I have been thinking to convert all my old stuff and make a ssf4ae pack.


Welcome back my friend.Remember me?


yeah, I do, thanks


Btw, Hajiki from deviantart want you to do one of his mod.Can you check his message on your deviantart profile?