SF4 PC Version Unstable

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

Street Fighter 4 for the PC seems very unstable for me. It is constantly quitting itself and I have had my disconnect rate go to 8%.

I tried upgrading my video drivers but surprisingly it made things worse than better. Prior to the upgrade I could play at 1600 by 1200, now I must choose 800 by 600.

Here’s a rundown of what I have.

AMD X2 3600 (???)
8600 GT Nvidia

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Wrong thread buddy.

Wrong forum buddy.

Also, upgrade your video card. An old G92 should be the bare minimum, now a days…

Are you sure you didn’t grab the wrong drivers? A driver update should NEVER reduce your screen resolution options.

What computer do you own?

Someone move this thread to Tech Talk, please.

8600GT is a bit old now but it should be enough to handle SF4, especially if you’re playing at a lower resolution. I had an 8800GS and got 59.92 FPS at 1080p resolution, SF4 is not incredibly demanding.

Anyway, to the OP: Mine used to crash too. Did you use the character unlocker hack? I had once-a-day crashes earlier on, then after using the character unlocker it started doing it much more often. I then uninstalled SF4, deleted the folder, and reinstalled and it’s been working perfectly ever since.