SF4 Pet Peeves

Since I felt like complaining a bit.

Not knowing how to counter dictators scissor kick.
Having Gen beat me in the air…every time.
Having Seth hit me once in the corner and knowing im gonna be stunned anytime soon.
Thinking player isn’t gonna grab again after throwing 3 times, so I do what i’d normally do BAM grabbed.
Joining green bar games and it going 2 bar right when its started.
Getting hit by seths ultra just trying to jump over a sonic boom.

Post your pet peeves. Just little things that anger you time…to time…

Lag. seriously, the thing that drives me fuckin nuts is not being able to block intime because of input lag. that and not being able to punish when i should. i guess, anything that works offline not working online.

Runaway Akumas.

Sagat’s zero-recovery policy.


Threads like this every 2 days…

ppl who dont space for scissor kicks properly
ppl who try to meet gen in the air even tho they get beaten everytime
ppl who get stunned by seth
ppl who take 4 throws in a row without teching jumping or using srk fadc
ppl who play online and then refuse to accept lag even tho online will ALWAYS have at least some lag no matter how good their connection is
ppl who dont bait seths ultra by jumping over his sonic boom and using ex air tatsumaki ur something to that effect
ppl who wont chase akuma into the corner and wait to punish the teleport or srk through a fireball jump in or any of the other things available for beating runaway tactics
ppl who think sagat has no recovery
ppl who clearly just have no idea how to fight zangief

This ppl.

I’d rather see complaint threads than “what would you like to see in the next SF4?” threads. Not like either of them are any productive, but it’s actually kind of beneficial to know what people are having trouble dealing with be it a glitch or a flaw in strategy.

My go:

-Hitting a person using FA with a long recovery move and/or thinking there was enough time to get a block in. Possibly lag induced.
-Seeing any attack whiff on what looks like a hit.
-Oh screw it, this isn’t going anywhere.

Oh god. :rolleyes:


Anyone who thinks constantly jumping backwards is a good tactic vs Dictator


EDIT: Fuck.

keep crying about it, maybe they’ll promote you to mod.

For the sake of this being oen:

  • Ken’s double lp dp that’s almost unpunishable online.
  • People that think they’re hot shit and message me after they beat me.
  • Gen’s pesky ambiguous cross ups, (no disrespect to Gen players) a good Gen is friggin annoying.

Personal peeves:

  • Messing up combos, punishes, dash forward hadoken etc.
  • Not knowing the match-up and getting OWNED.
  • Waitng for a move and then not reacting when the situation arises.
  1. Lag and input delay online.

  2. Doing a DP with Seth when you use the PPP button.

  3. People who keep coming back into your lobby after you leave (or kicked them out) quickly the first time due to crappy connection.

  4. Shortcuts.

  5. Blocking Bison’s Ultra in the corner. He’s on the other side but yet the motions don’t reflect it.

  6. The fact that df makes you bounce off the wall.

Yea, I hate when the other person does anything that makes it so I can’t win. WTF man, quit being a bitch and stand still so I can fierce shoryuken you to death :mad:

[spoiler=]do I really need to indicate that I’m being sarcastic here?[/spoiler]

Sandwichcookie! A Saks player!

I hate when the player is a bitch and won’t let me get the last hit to KO him. Take it like a man!

Blanka’s SFIV design.

Thinking of stuff as I go.

[list]Blanka’s chest/stomach hair clips into himself as he idles.
[]All non-console characters don’t have detailed teeth.
]The English voices don’t have matching mouth animations.
[]Background characters are ridiculously less detailed than the fighters, even in textures.
]Facial animations don’t have procedural animations to lead into the next “emotion”.
[]Alternate costumes must be purchased.
]Character specific music tracks can’t be heard in normal versus.
[]M. Bison (Dictator)'s metallic shoe buckle thingies clip through the rest of his boots a LOT.
]Transparent (alpha) particle effects, such as heat waves, smoke, and Flash Kicks completely ignore any and all anti-aliasing.
[]You can’t unlock characters by playing enough versus or online matches.
]The game has a self-volume adjuster, making everything quieter when unnecessary.[/list]

And then of course, there’s…
[list]At least one Ultra is per-player guaranteed in every round.
[]Ultra meter is granted when a player is doing bad.
]Despite the efforts of a player to make a comeback, his opponent can just use his own Ultra.
[]Ryu’s LP Shoryukens are a tad too safe, despite everyone else’s similar moves being decently unsafe.
]Focus Attacks get beaten by mindless gatling jabs.[/list]

That’s it, for now.

The fact that Dan doesn’t yell “YAHOO!” when he does an EX Koryuken.