SF4 play against SF4:AE?


I have a friend with SF4, and I have AE… Can we play against each other? I think I remember reading that a file needed to be downloaded, where can I find that? Google didnt help



So i learned Vanilla needs to download the ssf update kit, but its not in the market place for him, and I cannot find it anywhere via google. Anyone know where this can be downloaded?


you cant play vanilla with AE. You need Super then download the patch to play against AE players. (Note you won’t be able to choose yun/yang/evil ryu/Oni)


Where is the download located?


Vanilla SF4 can’t be updated to play with SSF4AE.
Make him buy AE, its cheap


It is free on psn+, and 360 just had a sale for the digital copy at 10 USD… The game has been on sale numerous times on steam…

Why would you NOT have a copy on one platform by now?