Sf4 players around the garden grove/santa ana/wesminister area

Did u know theres a Sf4 set up on magnolia and bolsa at the asian garden mall? Havent seen anyone mention it so im just letting you guys know.

lol wtf. i used to play at AGM when i was a kid. what does the setup look like?

hell it probably doesnt even matter, it used to take them weeks to fix buttons there.

Whattt they have a sf4 set up in that place? haha I remember trying their mvc2 cab once and half the buttons didnt work at all. Whats the price on sf4 there? like 1 dollar or something??? things are usually over priced in there x.x

its an astro city cab…its 50 cent a game and the medium punch doesnt work on one of the sides but i think if people go to play there the would fix it

yeah im pretty sure they wont. get back to me if you can make them fix it.

nice lol so random. it always smells though, mostly cuz of the herbal shop next door

holy crap I used to go here all the time. Hopefully the buttons will be fixed by the next time I stop by

will be there in about an hour with bigbadv to check it out.

I would go but I don’t want to get shot.

I think Genki Living is trying to get a SF4 setup

lol get shot? i used to run around this mall as a kid all weekend.

who are you gonna get shot by? old asian fobs, or their grade school children?

lol all the viet people coming out of the woodwork.

shit i still remember when the place was upstairs in the corner across from the restaurant, and it was called KIDS KORNER.

anywho. this place does not take care of their shit. i remember when they had cvs2 on this fucking hybrid beatmania cab with american sticks and korean buttons. all the while the player layout was fucking slanted.

In the early 90s when it was upstairs and West Coast RAP was cool and there were probably viet thugs up there and there was shooting. Subsequently, it was moved downstairs and they got astro city cabs.

Whoa, hopefully they can get one

where is genki living?

talkin bout that one genki on brookhurst and garden grove? that would be awesome, sometimes theres pretty cute bitches there.

anyhoo, checked out the place with shiggle today. left side stick is funky and right side m.p is definitely broken. i told the guy about it and he said ‘sure sure ill fix it’ which means he’ll never fix it.

whatever, m.p’s overrated, right?

i remember samurai shodown 2 was the hot game then. turning into puppets was the shit. all the good players there would turn into a fuckin puppet on you and then slash your ass.

i have no idea of any shooting. in fact im pretty sure there wasnt ever a shooting there, otherwise i would have heard about it from my aunt, who works there. or even from the other kids that used to go there on weekends, or even there parents.

as i remember the arcade started out upstairs, for some reason unknown to me, they started taking cabinets out a few at a time until there were none left. except for 4-6 cabs that were downstairs by the large double staircase. i think there was mk2 and street fighter 2 turbo? the only thing i know that FOR SURE HAPPENED, was some weird fight with a few guys throwing chairs at each other back when there were alotta chairs and tables in that area.

i’ll NEVER FORGET what happened. as these 2 or more guys are throwing chairs like crazy at each other, throwing punches, basically having a huge ass fight over almost the entire area beneath the stairs, the crowd of people eating/playing games disperses away from them towards the sides. EXCEPT FOR ONE GUY PLAYING STREET FIGHTER. hes watcing the fight with one eye, keeping his game alive with the other. apparently he doesnt see any danger in flying chairs and doesnt want to lose his game. i think he had a win streak going on at the time. so me being a little kid at the time, im staring now at this dude and i think to myself “man this guy has to be FUCKING GREAT AT STREET FIGHTER, i gotta see how good he is.” so i creep up to player 2 side and watch him play against the cpu to see how good he is. in the background chairs and tables are flying.

anyways the eventually took those games out too. then the management built that little mini strip mall next to the mall, and they put back the arcade in there. imo that was the best cuz the arcade was bigger then than it was now.

then they moved the arcade into that little half store thing.

i do remember one of the regulars got jumped by some asian gangsters for kicking their ass at xmvsf, however. didnt see how it all went down. apparently he was hospitalized, and there was alotta blood on the floor.

once a guy and a girl had sex in that arcade. like in the back. in front of their friends. next to the ddr machine. the attendant was like WTF NO SEX IN MY ARCADE GTFO

fuckin sweet.

i remember getting my first taste of street fighter RAINBOW when the arcade was still upstairs.

i also remember playing strider a fuckton and never getting past the 3rd stage.

Damn that’s good to know there’s still an arcade there. My mechanic is right next door, now I know where to chill when I’m gettin’ shit worked on. :smiley:

Oh the memories of highlights, bangs and aZn PrYdE.

That being said I will never go here again ever.

Anybody gone lately? if so are the buttons still broken?