Sf4 Population decreasing on Live?

Anyone else noticing that it’s difficult to just get a random game now? No one seems to be playing as much anymore.


I still find it easy to find people
connecting is the problem for me

I haven’t had that problem yet…
What are you looking for when you host/join a game?
Make sure you have it on Highest BP? or what ever it is so you can find someone.

I can still find games but I know a lot of ppl have stopped playing online because there tired of playing shoto fighter 4 which i can understand

Yeah unless you search for more skilled opponents or specifically search for SRK players and put them on your friends list…SFIV online is pretty boring. I think the social room aspect of HD Remix is something the online play should have adopted. I understand they were just trying to make sure the netcode would be solid (and it is for a game that doesn’t use GGPO) but it would be nice if they adopted some kind of quarter match system. Even Soul Calibur IV allowed 4 people to play and socialize in the same room. The game is a lot more fun for everyone I think when people are playing and learning things together. You experience a lot more a lot quicker.

Capcom was being all super secretive about the online elements of the game for no real reason. There’s nothing really groundbreaking about the online play at all. It’s just solid typical online play. Now that we can actually play games online that feel relatively close to offline play (which 5 years ago was all I really cared about) it’d be nice if they threw in some extra stuff. What’s going on with the championship mode stuff any ways?

Just play with people from SRK. Runs smoother that way, and they know how to play.

I haven’t ran into that problem myself. Searching for “More Skilled” gets me a full list of games. And I get random invites from a ton of people.

I’ll be back to that archaic, non-intuitive, matchmaking system that ENTIRELY shit the bed, whenever a CE patch goes in.

Until then, whatever. It sucks playing the same person over and over. It sucks playing a match for 3 whole minutes, then needing a minute to back out, a minute to enter match finding, a minute or two, to find an optimal match to connect. Etc. It’s not worth the time right now.
You spend as much time grabassing around, as you do playing. No matter how efficiently you find your matches, or play with people from SRK.

I could see the glitter of SF4 wearing off and people going back to other (better IMO) SF games.

I lasted a week before I stopped caring, HDR and some GGPO action for me.

naw i dont ever have a hard time finding people…im playin as i write dis…i jus played the first fei long ranked since launch lol

I have seen no derease in matches whatsoever.

Um, of course? Most of the casuals have had their fill and are going back to other games. It already dropped off the top 10 a few weeks ago.

sf4 online - at least 3 player lobbies - decent match finding system - playing SRK heads/friends - a lot randoms who use a variety of characters = Terrible gameplay

sf4 OFFLINE on the other hand…

At the Higher Ranks of The BP, it’s Hella tough to find matches, but other than that there’s plenty. I’ve seen no decrease, if anything there’s been an increase in matches Ive been able to find as more people get to the Higher BP region.

I’ve noticed a slight decrease, takes a tad longer to find a match in ranked and/or player matches. No complaints though, it was expected.

Capcom dropped the ball with the online mode as most Japanese companies do. There was absolutely no effort to facilitate any kind of community-building what-so-ever. You just play people and then leave.

I have no problems but yeah at first I didn’t care about no lobbies now I miss them.

online game communities constantly lose people. It’s one reason why companies make DLC, to get more people playing again.

kens flowchart has been exposed to greatly and thus the results of nicer…quitter…lesserscrubness sf4 online experience.

or maybe all the ragequitters finally got their modems or xbox broken from esd or just blowing it up when pulling the plug to much.

Not really. I just go into arcade mode and mess around. Usually get a match after every arcade match… alot of times 2 per match. It’s quick, easy, and lets me practice a little before the match.

Sucks the game dropped off the top 10 but thats alright I’ve met alot of cool guys on SF already.