SF4 Powerplay Beatdown, Feb 27, Cordova TN RESULTS

Okay, I have the results from today’s Memphis tourney!

1st-Lil Majin
17th-Red Dragon

My apologies if your sig is misspelled, this is how it was logged in Tio.

Anyway, congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who attended. We had a great turnout, much better than expected for a small local tourney like this. I was hoping to get maybe a dozen, and we had over 20 people show up. Hopefully we can all do this again sometime, I think there will be some vids posted later. I hope everyone had a great time. Thanks again, and I hope we all fight again sometime.

Good games to all, and Severin… holy shit, dude.

Fun fact: The Boobie Stick made it farther into the tournament than I did, making it all the way into the finals and taking second. I didn’t get to use it once during the tournament.

Only in Memphis, folks…

To be fair a pair of tits that nice deserves to make it to the finals. The only thing that would have been better is if Majin was using the booty stick.

Yeah I have been working really hard on my SF game for the past five months or so. I am glad to see the work paid off but Ian had my number yesterday. His Rog is really solid.

good games to all and im glad i was able to get in last minute. I got to meet a lot of you guys up there and im hoping to show up to more events and hell, maybe even help or run a tourament offline myself. Im hoping we can get together again next weekend or something like that. If you want my cell, send me a pm or ask here, i can try to make time to get together with some of you guys.

Lesson learned from last night:

First: make sure relatives understand where im at so my phone does not get blown up with calls/texts
Second: no more 3 am bbq’s with extended family. I dont drink but i think i’ve come to understand what a hangover feels like. Holy shit man.

Props to all who showed. Tourney was slick hype. If this keeps up I may actually play the game when Super drops. Also big ups to my boys Sev and Lycan for taking me out. Karma. Wait until you bitches cross me next Tek tourney…:rofl:

Lol! BOOBIE STICK is more than an adequate rival to BOOTY STICK. Who will prevail? But seriously dude, I don’t wanna imagine how many hard-ons were in that venue…:sweat: