SF4 PRC Tournament - September 27th 20:00 GMT/12:00 PST/15:00 EST/ TODAY!

LoL, yumz…

oh shit i myte be down for this!

diamonddarkstar / dotclipse

region: SoCal / USA

yeah ranbat system!

I don’t have steam :[

Steam id: Diclawsus
live id: jpg1980
Windsor, ontario, canada

what?why forcing to have steam omg that sux

I am pretty sure that steam is free. You just have to download their client and add the games onto your steam account manually.

Steam cost 5000 bison dollars. But first Bison needs to kidnap the queen of England.
So right now…!

It’s free.

We chose steam because it’s easier for us to organize.

steam: alainqc
wlive: alainq

steam: 7th.legion
wlive: OnePageMemory

i want to play against good players :slight_smile:

PezRadar/MINI Pez/Texas, USA

Daimasuke just to let you know
you misspelled my GFWL on your list. Its Petar Pain :angel:

Oh sorry, Ill fix it ;p

BTW maybe you should think of regional pools or seeding or something like that to avoid bad connections as much as possible :wonder:

oops steam is ManHandler/violentdrunkard

This is a good idea.

Little update: Never expected more then 30-40 players. So I’m afraid the player limit is now set to 64 ;p Or things might go out of hand during organizing. So 9 spots still open! Everyone who signs up after gets a place on the reservelist in case of flakers(people that don’t show up).

yeah man, this is a hugeeee tournament for online. I was wondering how you were going to manage to handle such a huge player pool by yourself. If i can help you in anyway let me know =)

hey i didn’t get added to the list hope i made it before the cut off
steam id: roukyou

live id: outcast rrxybxb

region: southern USA (texas)

ALERT: as we have so many players entering we are going to organise the pools by region to avoid laggy play as much as possible.

If you have entered the tourney, please go back and edit your post to include your region, USA, Europe, w/e. this will help us to organise the pools and save a lot of headaches for players and organisers alike.

Also if you are entering, its a good idea to join our Steam group so you can be updated through announcements via Steam.

Thanks for supporting SF4PRC.