SF4 Progamer Verification Request


Dear SF community,

I apologize if I seem ignorant but I would like to receive some feedback in regards to certain pro players. I play SSBM competitively myself but never SF so I don’t know the community too well. I would like to know if you have any information for the following 4 players:

Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez
Ricky Ortiz
Long “Shady K” Tran
Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez

I did some research of my own and it seems Ryan is a very well known player that has even defeated Daigo. Verification of the others would be helpful.

Reason I ask is for my father who is a property manager. The 4 gentlemen would like to lease one of his properties and he has asked me to verify their names to see if they are trustworthy in fulfilling a lease agreement. I will not disclose any personal information that reveals their location, phone numbers, or reasons why they are living together.

Any information is appreciated, and again thank you for your time.


Fchamp beat daigo, of course he is trustworthy for leasing property


…What does fighting game ability have to do with leasing a house


Probably about as much as asking a Fighting Game Community if these guys can be trusted as renters.


I can say I personally know 3/4 guys you have mentioned, that being Ryan " Col CC Filipino Champ" Ramirez, Long “ShadyK” Tran, and EG Ricky Ortiz. I only know those three because Ryan and Ricky live in Northern California and Long lives in San Diego as of now. However, all 4 of these members are trustworthy. If you are wondering, they do not have any fraudulent motives. As far as I know, they plan on using the house to build a stream with content that is not only entertaining to the fighting game community but helpful. Those 4 are committable and would fulfill a lease agreement. In addition, some of the members are also sponsored. Therefore, they can not afford any bad press that would affect/ruin any of the reputations of the sponsors.


None of them threw their sticks when they lost if that’s your concern.

  1. drug dealer
    2.slave trader
    3.suspected terrorist
  2. cool guy


I dont think I could say much in a paragraph that would do these guys justice… nor do I want to disclose all of the information regarding their living situation… BUT I would like to state that three of my companies are actually supporting one of the players on that list for the project they are working on. I know the others are sponsored/supported so I can guarantee their funds will not be a problem either. Since being competitive in fighting games doesn’t pay weekly, I know they all had a hard time showing proof of income so I understand your concern. My work # is public so I will post it here if you would like to speak with me directly about any of the 4 guys on the list (I know all 4 pretty well so I can give you enough info you need to make a decision regarding their lease)
Christine Gentry
Owner/Partner/Office Manager at theboxarena.com/frubble.com/vapure.com



yeah i think they have some credibility...

Long also will clean up after himself


Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. It sounds like these 4 are respectable players in the SF community and are highly trust worthy.

Thanks again.


not to dis you, but i used to work in real estate before and this inquiry is a little too “unprofessional” on behalf of your father since there are proper channels to ascertain information about these people in regards to their being able to fulfill a lease agreement. it’s understandable on one angle that it may be his /your intention to get some assurance on the matter of payment as being a pro-gamer is not a “normal” job per se. what about getting in touch with their respective management/sponsors? i would think that is the proper avenue to take because imo, their status as pro players should not be brought into question publicly like this as there needs to be confidentiality between both parties and considering that it is in fact, a private transaction. as you had initially stated, you already did some research so there’s no denying that these individuals make mad bank and factors in to their capacity to pay rent/afford a lease. official documentation of such would be on hand with their management for sure so i don’t see why you had to ask the folks here on SRK for verification as it seems kinda cheap. at least that’s how we handled transactions with our clients.



this is a possible troll. if anyone was watching fchamp’s stream the other night you’d know fchamp was talking about the above over skype with Neo lol.


it just might be [did not get to watch Filipino Champ’s stream though, dang!]. i had to state my opinion as per my experience on the part about client/broker info confidentiality as the motives for such an inquiry seem quite dubious and desperate for attention when there are other ways of gathering such information. not to say that people who truly know the mentioned individuals on a personal level [i for one, certainly DON’T] cannot vouch for their character/trustworthiness [or their income for that matter], the fact is that this confidentiality has been breached in a sense makes for questionable work ethics.



Of course there are professional ways of finding out more information through the tenants references but since I am a competitive gamer myself, I was curious and wanted to know more information about them. My father didn’t ask me to do this he just asked me if I knew them. Since I didn’t and was curious, I decided to do this own my own behalf. My father has already met with the future tenants and are working together.

Thanks for being such a smart aleck tataa8P.


i said this was in no way to dis you which i had stated upfront but it seems that you have disregarded your initial post upon which i had posited my post. here goes :

this is unclear as to what “feedback” you wanted about the guys since “community” was tacked onto the first line and i would say that there’s a couple hundred results you can find if you Google’d their names, IF you wanted “feedback” about their image from the “community”

you did the work but apparently not satisfactory enough for your expectations so you would make a public inquiry into the matter on SRK, right? and on top of that, you literally asked for verification. genius.

now this is the part where i started to doubt your “request”. i think your choice of words are poor if you think that i misconstrued you at all. my point being :

i just love the verbal facepalm you did right there. care to retract part(s) of that post or should i ask UltraDavid if i’m thinking outside the box here? smart aleck indeed.