Sf4 promotion stick

does anyone know if hori plans on releasing a promotion stick for sf4 (360/ps3) when it is released stateside?

also, how good are the hori sticks out of the box. by this i mean do they disconnect every 10 seconds like the SFAC sticks for ps2 did?

thank you for your time

Capcom is planning on releasing there own SF4 stick. Whether or not it is with hori is the one manufacturing is still to be determined. They seem to be striving for “arcade perfect” so iunno. We’ll see what happens.

And generally Hori promtional sticks for the 360 have just been EX2 reskins. And the SC4 (PS3) stick is just a reskin of the FS3.

Hori Real Arcade Pro series sticks are great out of the box. Just make sure to swap the buttons with Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons to complete that real arcade feel =)

thank you for your replies

im just praying that the sf4 stick isnt as bad as the sfac stick ><

SF Anniversary Stick > Hori

Hori = FAIL