Sf4 ps3 or xbox360


I’m planning on buying a ps3 or xbox 360 only for sf4. I was wondering, which system online service is use by player of the northwest.


I would say majority is 360? Maybe?

Quite a few PSNers, though.

I have both so meh.


The majority of people have and use 360s.


I believe EVO will be using the PS3 for HD Remix and SF4 if that means anything to you.


in all due honesty as microsoft does require you to purchase and xbox live account to play online, i would imagine that their servers are better than sony’s free psn servers.

but i have the ps3 version.



I play on Live. I understand that both platforms have good support from players, though. In other words… I don’t think you can go wrong… but I know of more guys in the Northwest who play 360 only than PS3 only.

I think that SFIV only uses common servers for matchmaking… after that… it’s peer-to-peer. Definitely just speculation on that… but it’d be a lot cheaper for the devs… and a lot more effective for the players.


I think there are more readily available converters for the PS3 than for the 360, so if you have older sticks, that may be something to consider.


…That’s a great point I didn’t even think to consider. You win.


Man my SFIV CE PS3 is still sealed…


thank for the input.

Ps3 network is free, but the server suck? is that right


I haven’t had too many issues with PSN. Bout as many as Live, to be honest.


XBL is the only way to for online play. (no playstation hate here)


The reasons I feel that PS3 is better then 360 for SF4 are:

  1. PSN is free and works the same as XBL for SF4
  2. PS3 controllers are better then 360 controllers
  3. I dont have enough money to buy a fight stick or fight pad while also paying for XBL

Mostly money related issues for me but eh I work retail I’m broke lol


+1 more for PSN. Haven’t experienced any problems thus far, so I’d definitely recommend it.


I would say get a 360 also, so you can play a match while you are waiting for your PS3 to get past the loading screen.


It’s not that bad.


I think the last time I fought about which console was better I was on the school bus in 5th grade.


Everyone should get a Genesis. It’s got all the best sports games, and ‘blast processing’, which makes Sonic look 2x better than Mario Kart. SNES is for babies.

Wait, what was the question again?




also i’m confused about not getting a 360 because of money reasons but whatever


Here is very long video to show you the differences between the X-Box and PS3 graphically.

Cliffnotes- There are none. They are about 99.9% the same.