SF4 PSN Filter Issues

Due to the stupidity of the quick match endless scrolling crap, I pretty much play exclusively via “arcade request” for Ranked matches. I set my filter to “More Skilled”, but lately I’ve been getting sub 500 BPs people wasting my time and I get 1 point for owning their flow chart Ken/Ryu/Sagat/Akuma/Gouken. When I first used this arcade request feature, it worked well, but something was changed a couple of weeks ago where 1 out 20 matches i found a player ranking above me, 15/20 were sub 500 BPs players and only 4/20 were in the 2000 BP ranges.

Has anyone else experienced this on PSN? I also play on Xbox Live Network and I used the same exact setting on XBL and out of 20 matches, at least 8~9 were above me, most were pretty even and I never seen point difference greater than 500 below me.

What is going on? No love for PSN again? Capcom or Sony at fault for this divergence in SF4 experience, it’s like HD Remix experiences all over again…

i think i played against u today… did u remember playing against a blanka?

and yea, i get that too… its annoying cuz if u win, you get 1 point, and if you lose, you lose 100+ points