SF4 PSN matchups on IRC @ EFNet : #sf4psn

A lot of us are going around using IM and whatnot to find matches and it sort of sucks.

So a couple of us on IRC (internet relay chat) are going to start using channel #sf4psn on the EFNet network to find matches, rather than #capcom, which isn’t really for matchups.

Everyone is welcome to join, of course. No real rules other than don’t spam the channel. If someone is annoying you, just use your IRC client’s ignore function. Simple as that.

http://www.mirc.com to download a simple client. You can also use Trillian, Pidgin, etc. to connect.
Channel regulars
**complexz, ellesd, KaizerHer, kylratix, mrcg21, StridaJin, DaBatCave, Fiveways, kliquey, Kyori, SA_RoB, umthrfkr, DaFeetLee, GARFIEELD, KomboKaze, LimeNinja, ShinAkuma, Wudkip, diaz, Imajinn, krzykraka, MaJew, spoonNSXR

Alright cool idea see you there.

nice looking for games :slight_smile:

sweet =)

i just put a basic irc bot together that we can use to log match results between each other. so far the idea is that either player can log using either !won or !lost. it uses Elo to calculate it. i want to make it accurate enough where it can predict a match up pretty closely between two people/characters.

i’ll throw it on the chan sometime this week.

any ideas for the bot are more than welcome. it’ll be opensource too so we can all tinker with it.

good shit I shall idle there from now on

Already an increase in users since it first went up. Hopefully more people use it and we can get online tourneys going sometime.

yeah, we had a 14 peeps in there at peak last night. an awesome start.

ummm i’ll run some online weeklies if you guys want on a tuesday or thursday and post results somewhere

awesome. i’d be down any weeklies sun - wed .

started working on the match-recorder bot. here’s the source code:

i should have her ready in a week or so.

Heyyy good stuff, man! :smile:

Pretty cool idea dude, I’ll enter the room when I’m playing some SF4.

doesnt let me in.says to many connections all the time

try a different server on the efnet network. i’m guessing that your sharing that ip with a few others.

also if you guys want to check out the channel temporarily before setting up a real client:


it’s not a very stable option but it works well in a jam.

:tup: I’ll go ahead and add a post about the IRC in the SFIV section of the PSN Directory thread… dood!

i’d be down for weeklies on tuesday/thurs as well, im usually free from like 11:30-5/6

are alot of good people there?

everyone should join this channel so that it would be easier to find players to play against!

01:26 [Users #sf4psn]
01:26 [ complexz ] [ FullArmor] [ kliquey ] [ mrcg21 ] [ shaba ] [ Vietnam1]
01:26 [ DaBatCave] [ I3omb ] [ kylratix ] [ obey562 ] [ Soujiro ] [ Xstars ]
01:26 [ Fiveways ] [ KaizerHer] [ LimeNinja] [ sallabout] [ StridaJin]
01:26 -!- Irssi: #sf4psn: Total of 17 nicks

getting big!

Finally a reason to use irc again…

Lots of good competition in this channel now.