SF4 - random frame data Q

Is there frame data for each character after they knocked down? This would be a great help to see what’s possible for wake up mixups, safe jump set-ups, etc.

Why are you looking to frame data for this question, it’s just too complex to bother using frame data when you can just training room it. The knockdown depends entirely on how much recovery your move has, tech knockdown recovery’s can differ by up to 5 frame by inputting wakeup later, also non-technical knockdowns differ only by a max of 2 or so frames, so it really depends on how far from the character you are, if you really really do want frame data… then try looking up character specific threads, sometimes the length of the throw is listed, but you’re still missing many other character-specific knockdowns…

You need to know a crapload of frame numbers to crunch that, though the SF4 wiki does list dash values, jumping frames but… training room is far more fun to figure it out then by theory, unless you somehow don’t have access tot he game, but you can still just watch matches on the web to see if they ever do that stuff, If it’s a reliable good mix-up, you’re bound to see it once in a proper match.

Yeee, I didn’t take into consideration the recovery frames of the knockdown move.

This came up as I was trying to think of different safe jump setups against a knocked down shoto. SRK’s come out in 3 frames, a small window with somebody with trash execution like mine. I guess trial and error might be the best way?

It might be best that you understand the safejump first. Once you land after an attack, you can’t do anything until the 3rd frame, so you can only “safely” safejump a character whose reversal dp move is 4 frames or faster, otherwise you get hit while being vulnerable from landing frames. There’s also 2 additional landing frames(3rd and 4th) where you can tech throw and block after attack, you may attack after the 4th frame, these are called the landing frames(4 in total).

For safejump practice the easiest way until you get it down is to record a shoryuken move really fast(make sure it’s clean and ends at the corner) then stop and set it on playback. Then block shoryuken, throw and have fun doing your safe jumps. You have to be really fast with that recording so have your fingers set on the start button. This method won’t work against charge characters though, so you’ll have to record the safe jump, then test how good the safejump was, which is painful if you don’t know the setups.

I suggest watching high level videos of the matchups and safejumps are highly used there if one exists, it doesn’t take long too find them in a pro match May i ask which character you are using for safejumps?

Doesn’t ryu have a 3 frame jump? It’s definitely possible: [media=youtube]k2vBuBcxIc0[/media] A quick look at the jump frame data shows it takes guile 4 frames to land too

I’ll give that training mode setup a try. SF4 has a fairly large window to do reversals anyway so that will help recording.

Right now I play Abel, but that might change when super comes out, so I wanted to know if there was an “in general” way of figuring it out, trial and error it is!

I’m guessing it’s something screwy with the hitboxes so that the DP has to go all the way to guile making its effective startup 4+ frames and safejumpable, though someone can correct me if i’m wrong.

Ryu’s sweep is spot on safejump, but you land so close that it’d be impossible to have anything like that guile jump. Same with his forward throw, back throw is a fair bit out, so maybe there’s a possibility there, but i think that may still be too close, guile’s jump is alot smaller than Ryu’s.