[SF4] Ranked game disconnects

Got the game yesterday (damn you amazon!) and started out – all was well in the beginning but as I’m climbing up I start seeing as people start losing, get Connection Reset messages.

What is the impact of people resetting their router/modem during a match? As far as the points goes, I saw no change, shouldn’t there be a penalty?


Nothing happens to them sadly. Its been happening a lot and getting pretty annoying. Had an akuma player quit on me on the last match right when my Piledriver was about to land. They need to add in a point loss even for DCing because technically it still is a loss.

That sucks, honestly. Makes BPs seem so worthless when you can just toggle it to always end in your favor.

Well, here’s to hoping for a quick release of the lobby system.

having people come in during arcade mode for me is working well