SF4 Regional 5v5 Footage

Are there plans to release this footage? I searched the forums and saw nothing about it.

I thought IGN was going to release it some time after they released all the Winners + Losers Brackets for all 6 tournaments…

All they have are the Sunday matches for the 6 tournaments (SF4, 3S, MVC2, BB, T6, and SC4).

So I’m not sure why I was given negative rep for a simple question, but I’ve been able to uncover the SF4 5v5 matches. I know there were a few people looking for these, so I hope that this helps anyone else who is wondering.

Taken from http://www.ustream.tv/srkdotcom

SF4 5v5 Part 1 - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1833626
SF4 5v5 Part 2 - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1834295

Thanks for the links. I was hoping for some direct footage :frowning:

Rep means nothing, if you sneeze you can get it.