SF4 - Ryu & Ken Combo Expo

To all,

      CSVagrant and I got together to explore what's possible and what isn't possible in Street Fighter 4 when using Ryu and Ken. This video displays basic and intermediate combos. This was put together within just a day so please keep that in mind when commenting or reviewing. -BTS



Download: Available at www.combovideos.com

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X1TKKK6P

Street Fighter 4 - Ryu & Ken Combo Expo (720x480):

Street Fighter 4 - Ryu & Ken Combo Expo (640x480)

Damn awesome vid. I just waked and baked to this, and I really hope your vid stride or die comes real soon as I started play mvc2 again with my team STD.

Good vids. I really need to get a stick, there’s no way I can consistently pull off the ultra moves in combos with a DS3.

Not really impressed…

Yeah, me neither. Most combos were less impressive, flashy or damaging than even most the in-game Trials. Besides, doing a “beginner/intermediate” combo video is absolutely worthless; they’re naturally less informative or impressive that “expert” combo videos, and most of the combos are basically more of the same, except with some meaningless difference like “Jump EX Hurricane Kick instead of Jump Heavy Kick”. If you wanted to do some “introduction” combo video, this is no way to do it either.

Not to mention the uselessly long, ugly intro and outro. If you don’t have time, keep it simple and clean please.


where are the FADC into ultras? :lame:

Dont expect much from a kaillera player :smiley:


These combos don’t really “explore” the possibilities/potential of Ryu or Ken at all, really. It’s more of a beginner’s guide to linking basic combos and jump ins… nice work anyways.


This was just for entertainment and because of the SF4 hype that we just had to do something to mark the occasion. We did that entire video within 6 hours right on the day it came out, period.

You can expect another video which will include EX cancels, FADC into Ultras and etc. Thanks for the constructive criticism though, we?ll make a better video for all to enjoy. ?BTS