SF4: Ryu- Practice Partner



Hey guy’s I’m looking for players who I can consistently play with on a regular basis, in endless battle for SSF4 AE. My main is Ryu and it doesn’t matter who your main is I’m just looking for a friend I can play with and who likes lab time. I play on XBL and my gamertag is WestxSidexWario. This is also my first thread , so if I’m doing anything wrong or you need more details, I’m all ears.


I’m down add me on xbl dirrtypop I main Chun but lookin to improve with Ryu

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=28.464133,-82.489457


Oh cool, I’ll add you


I’m also looking for a practice partner/or just someone who I can play with regularly.
My main is ryu but I also play with vega/balrog and some other characters.
My GFWL is gigabytehk on pc and I live in socal, so send me a frd request or reply here
if you would like to play :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re not doing anything wrong, Add me up too. XBL:FailedOneAgain


I challenge you


Hit me up. I started about a week ago, managed to finally rack up about 500 BP with Ryu.
Can’t say if I’m good enough for you but let me know.

username: kur0ma

PS: I am quite behind of SF, I have migrated from SFII to SFIV. Lol.


I remember asking once in another thread, but are there any ryus on psn that would want to play sometime?


I’m definitely down for this. Trying to transition from Ken to Ryu and I would like help getting my Ryu fundamentals down.
My XBL Gamertag is- EPZIL0N


Im pretty new to sf4, and would love to improve. I also main ryu. Hit me up xbl gamertag is Shonen005


Same here just started a couple weeks ago playing seriously due to a broken computer (had it since SF4).
around 2k BP with Ryu so im not to good but hit me up (also play akuma and learning sagat).

XBL Gamertag - Chilaiso (Location Ann Arbor Michigan)


Any PSN players around? I main Ryu and I guess I wanna see what I can improve on, Or maybe I can help you out! I’ve got 8000 Bp with mine.

PSN: KillerMontage


Hey man it seems like you’re the only other psn ryu on these forums haha, I haven’t checked the thread in awhile, but would you want to get in some ryu mirrors sometime?


I’ll play you or anyone whos any good just for practice :slight_smile: Add me

GT:** M 2the Azing **


Add me too please, I usually play between 5PM-10PM CST for 2-3 hours. Weekend pretty much all day. :slight_smile:

PSN: Ai-Den