SF4 SE Joystick - Question about headset port

Hey all I’ve searched the forums before i posted this so please don’t bash me. This is my first post and I’m very interested in modding the stick that I just got. BTW I got really lucky getting this yesterday but none the less. I open it up and everything works great except the headset port. I’m using a turtle beach x3 headset. I can’t hear anyone but everyone can hear me. I opened up the stick checked the solder points… everything looks tight. I’m not sure if its the wiring or the small black hook up. I’m just wondering if anyone is having any issues like I am. I’ve read the FAQs everyone says about the stick but mine feels great just the headset issue. I’m probably going to call madcatz if I can’t figure this one out myself. I’m thinking of soldering right to the 4 points SPK SW MIC AGRND but please let me know what everyone thinks it is. Thank you all and I’m looking forward to getting into the modding of joysticks!

If you just got it, don’t open it. Return it.

If the headset works with other joysticks, then just use the warranty to get a new one.

Yea so I went and got another stick. I drove over an hour to get another stick because they are sold out everywhere. I get home the mic still doesn’t work they can hear me barely and i can’t hear them and now the LB RB and Y button dont work or register!!! I bet their just unhooked inside, but how great is that. MADCATZ you SUCK THANKS FOR SUCH A FAULTY PRODUCT!!

I have the exact same problem with my x4… I think it’s the connector on the TB headset port… Maybe they don’t quite line up? Because if you hook up the headset that comes w/ the 360, it works perfectly…

hm thanks for that info ill try to get a friends reg headset. and i fixed the problem with the other sticks buttons i had to open it up and jiggle the connections and than take off the button and push it a couple times. what a horrible product to have to spend $80 and FIX it straight out of the box :confused:

a guy with 3 posts, all bashing MC products …

if they really don’t work don’t open them up to try to fix them… you void your warranty.


My mic port doesn’t work either.