Sf4 se stick and paewang

does anyone have pics on completed inside wiring for paewang revolution pcb on a street fighter 4 se stick. i just need a general idea that is all thanks you.

Why didn’t you leave the PCB that was in it?

it was malfunctioning and my stick would shut off at random times because mad catz sf4 se sticks have bad pcbs

I see. I wouldn’t mind seeing the finished product also. I have a paewang just waiting to get wired up.

sure ill post when its done

I haven’t seen any wired for a SE stick but I know its possible. Are you needing pictures where to solder your connections to the pcb?

yea i was tryna figure out how i should wire the pcb into the mix and wire the home and turbo button

Well for basic stick hacking, Slagcoin.com “PCB and Wiring” section will give you the back ground needed to figure it out for the directions and buttons. You will also need to look at the picture on etokki.com for figuring out the signals. For guide, one way to tap the guide signal is to do it through the ribbon connector that goes from the daughterboard to the main pcb.

Not my best work, but i was lazy and wanted to play more than anything else. you can either wire the USB directly to the PCB, or run a Neutrik. I already had a USB cord wired to Paewang, and didnt feel like cutting it, not was it long enough to play directly, so i got lazy and .used the neutrik

These are Rollie buttons and stick btw.



Dont forget to wire the turbo to select as well, so that you can switch between consoles

i wired my stick just like every tutorial has and everything works except up and down. left and right are fine as well as he other face buttons but no matter where i wire it up up and down never respond. does anyone have an idea or could it be that i have a faulty paewang>

clear photos of your soldering and wiring would help with the trouble shooting.