SF4 SE stick help?


Hey everyone, I’m new here and have a question about the SF4 SE stick. I was curious if you can mod it with Myoungshin Fanta stick?? I know for a fact that I read here somewhere that it is not possible doing this with the TE stick but always wondered if it is possible for the SE stick, can someone please help me and thanks. The pic of the stick is in the link below. :slight_smile:

Myoungshin Fanta stick Black


The TE and SE are designed almost identically in terms of what can and cannot be mounted onto it. So without heavy modding, it won’t be possible to put it onto the SE stick.


SE and TE are very difficult to mount Korean parts. If you want Korean parts, you should look at the Saulabi. For Powerful Game.


Damnit, lol I already got my PS3 SE stick modded with Sanwa parts. I wanted to mod my 360 SE stick with the Korean joystick and Sanwa push buttons. T_T


Here is a picture of Markman’s Fanta in a TE.

Not only do you have to knock off the Mounting plate, widen the hole with an expensive step bit, and then drill the 4 mounting holes, you have to cut away at the plastic below where the joystick sits. You need that square hole inside bigger.

You are better off replacing the TE stick with a custom Acrylic panel from tek-innovations but no joystick hole, then drill a 1 3/8inch hole in it yourself and then the 4 mounting plates. Then dremel the crap out of the inside of the te, or get that dremel oscillating tool. I have a fein multimaster myself.


Fuck that lmao. That sounds hella complicated, I might as well just try buying the wooden korean stick from etokki, buy and replace the original joystick with a myoungshin fanta stick, and buy the PS2 to XBox 360 converter lol.:rofl: