SF4 Session - LQA Seattle Friday, Feb 27th

For anyone in (or out of) Seattle who can’t make it to Preppy’s, feel free to stop by my apartment in LQA this Friday, Feb 27th.

PM me for phone # and address.

Even if only a few people show I’d appreciate it. I really, really need the advice and practice.

Got SF4 on both systems. No TE stick yet (backordered on Amazon). EX2 on 360, Virtua Stick HG and HRAP3 on PS3.

what the hell Matt?!

dude, having SF4 casuals the VERY same day the Street Fighter Movie premiers???

uncool bro :bluu:

I’d make it Matt, but I’m hanging out with my girlfriend this Friday. I won’t be making it to Preppy’s until April either. :frowning: Damn that sounds like a long time.

Because it is!

My friend is having a concert that night, and I must support him in all endeavors out of obligation! After that I’ll probably head to Preppy’s.

S’all good. The apt is still open for anyone who wants to stop by. If no one shows my gf and I will play Guitar Hero until we get shitfaced.

Either way I get the big TV for the night. ;p

ionno if i told you already matt but i work until 11:30 friday otherwise you know id be there. my days off now suck, theyre like sunday monday and the rest of the week i work until 11:30. gay balls.

but really guys you should get out there, IM NOT DICK RIDIN OR NOTHIN haha but matt’s one of the coolest guys i’ve met, his girlfriends actually really cool too, and his apartment is clean (i think thats important), he has a great collection of games/sticks, this man spits KNOWLEDGE, hes a great host, he’ll get you FUCKIN DRUNK and wont even charge (but id still say bring your own shit, and he’s willing to play anything. BUT YOU KNOW IM NOT POLE JOCKIN OR NOTHIN hahahaha

[media=youtube]x0WIP-_s7hI[/media] peep 3:47 you’ll get it

jacob is too raw. Thanks for the words.

I am really really, really bad at sf4. I need to get off the challenge/trophy jock and hit straight parctice mode. It’s frustrating sucking so bad at something that you really want to be good at.

But at least I’m handsome.

Hey Matt, thanks for the invite but I won’t be able to make it to this one even though I need practice…BAD.

This reminds me of Idiocracy.

Thanks for the invite but I think I will be getting trashed in the local vicinity and doubt I will be able to move. Big Bears + Orange Juice incoming, we stay classy like that.

Running an event on the same night as Zach’s? That last tekken/ST/BF:BC/Raiden 3 gathering was tight, but Kirkland is a shorter drive than Queen Ann :sad:


OMG, thats fucking jacob. add me son