SF4 Session @ Versis this Thursday


Thursday Night Fights @ Versis (Portland Area, All Fighters, Every Thursday)

**When: Every Thursday, 6pm-10pm

Where: Versis Videogame Center - 1356 NW Civic Dr. Gresham, OR 97030

Cost: $6 pays for the entire night of playing. Again, the $6 is a one-time fee for the day, it is not the hourly rate. If the event goes past 10pm (it often does), you won’t be charged for any further gametime.**

Thursday night fights continues at Versis.

We will be setting up two Street Fighter IV setups at these events on the giant screens. One 360 and one PS3. Feel free to bring your arcade sticks and memory devices. Two arcade sticks on each system will be provided, but bringing your own stick is always recommended.

All console fighting games are covered under the $6 fee. We have Tekken 5 DR, SSF2T:HD Remix, Soul Calibur IV, and Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3/360.

A PC will also be made available for the group in case you need to look up something or watch youtube videos or whatever. There is also a 25 cent multicade arcade machine loaded up with lots of fighting games. The library includes most Capcom and SNK fighting games that were not on a Naomi or CPS3 board.

If someone wants to bring a CRT monitor for pre-HD fighting for games like CVS2 and 3S, I’m cool with it. I’m sure we can setup a side table or something.

I might even throw in some bonus for college students who are finishing up their exams this week :slight_smile:


For all the new(er) players:

This is a good opportunity to meet other players in the community. As good as XBL or PSN can be, offline play will always be better.

Stop playing online only, get out of the house and visit Versis today (and every other Thursday, if possible)!

Nick: What sticks will be provided? I’ll bring my 360 Memory card so all the characters will be unlocked.

Looking forward to meeting some new (offline) players!

EDIT: Gresham Station Link:


Info on food/shopping in the surrounding area.


every thursday? damn i might have to check this out, especially since my 360 is in for repairs again…


I’ll probably come out there one of these weeks, just can’t make it tonight. About how many people show up for these?


I’ll be there around 8. I’ll bring a stick for PS3 and my skills.


Sorry for the late reply, Ray.

Here are the sticks that will be available today:

2 x Hori Fighting Stick

1 x Hori Fighting Stick
1 x Hori Real Arcade Pro (original PS2 model, 1st gen)
1 x Pelican PS2/PS3 Adapter (I might bring two of these in future get-togethers)

If it’s your first time going to Versis, and you are looking for it but you are at Gresham Station, the following descriptions might help:
“behind Old Navy”
“Next Door to Big Town Hero & Edward Jones”
“Down the Street from Starbucks/Red Robin/Blockbuster/LA Fitness”

For more information about the venue (and to check out some photos and the TV Commercial), you can check us out at:



wow i just looked at the pictures of the place, it looks very nice im excited to come check it out and play on the big screens lol. looking forward to coming to the thursday night fights next week.

Edit: Fixed: oh duh it says it earlier in the paragraph lol…


Yeah, SF4 will be the featured game.


GGs guys. Lots of fun!


Dammit. I totally spaced this. Would have been sweet.


Want to thank everyone who came out last night. I had a great time and it was a nice long session :slight_smile:

Thanks to Full Metal Ross, Artor (was I way off on the name?), Fat Bear, Rayblade, Andrew N., Mackinzie, Bobby Williams (Unkanny?), Sam B, and Grant for the great games and company last night. I can’t believe the session went until 4am last night. Should probably let people know that’s more of an exception than a rule, but it was a great time.

Chanchai’s SF4
I still consider myself as sucking at SF4, but I feel like I got a lot better by the end of the night. Still jump in like an idiot half-the-time, but I did get more patient and got a better feel for my options in the game and just got a lot more experience. Also, playing SF4 offline is a ton of fun, a lot more fun than playing online (which is still damn fun too).

I wish I had played a lot with a lot of you guys during the CvS1/2 days. I feel like I’m playing catch up on very simple CvS2 and 3S basics, that seem to be well ingrained in Portland’s current generation of players.

Need to hit training mode hard just to fix my problems with execution, need to play more offline matches with everyone so I can calm down and not screw up my already bad execution further, need to really get myself to understand what my real options are. It’s an honor playing a great group of guys and having fun too :slight_smile:

Individual Thanks
Full Metal Ross, even though we didn’t hook up your PS3, thanks so much for bringing it. I almost hooked it up later that night, I can bring more PS3 arcade sticks in the future in case it becomes necessary to hook up another PS3 setup. Also, I always appreciate your knowledge in the games and the variety of characters and combos.

Andrew drives me insane with his Blanka, but I’m so happy to see someone commit well to Blanka and showing me how annoying he can be in SF4–btw, he has always been one of my favorite characters.

Artoor (?), good to see you again, it’s been so long and we’ve only barely met each time. I wish we had played, but I spent too much time unlocking characters on the PS3. Looking forward to next time. Hope the rest of your Thursday evening went great!

Mackinzie, I don’t think we played much this time but it was fun watching you play people and you’re nothing like two years ago, very strong fighting game player nowadays.

Grant, we have to play more sometime :slight_smile: Thanks for coming on out, always bringing a fun and friendly vibe to the place. I need to stop by your work more, and I hope to see you more at Versis too since we work so close to each other hehe.

Sam Y, as we wish your PS3 a speedy recovery, I’m glad you got a lot of practice in and it was fun watching you do Hard Trials and some training mode practice.

Sam B, thanks for owning me while toying around with me just enough to work on basics or repeatedly see what I’m doing wrong. Seriously, it’s a lot of fun playing with you because you’ll maintain control in the match but play in a way that either I’ll learn something or I’ll just run myself into a wall. Playing like an awesome mentor, except I don’t think you’re not the type to be anyone’s mentor, but you’re pushing me to realize the weakness in my fundamentals or at least see it 20 times before I get a clue lol. Also, I always love the honest crap you talk (it’s like you’re always ripping on something, but it’s more or less true, and it’s always coming off as harmless but funny anyways–delivery is like an oxymoron, it’s exaggerated enough to be anal, but its still laid back).

Bobby, so glad you made it out. I hope you are able to come out more. In the future, we’ll have to have more sessions on the multicade machine, playing the games we grew up with, destroying nostalgia for some games, developing new appreciation for others. Yeah… Art of Fighting still has a nice place in my heart, but it still didn’t age all that gracefully hehe.

Rayblade, thanks for always being a staple at the Fight Nights and bringing out the variety with almost the full roster, especially your Rose and Gen. Thanks for the Ryu sessions, I doubt they are your favorite thing, but I appreciate you doing that with me and Bobby and helping us better understand Ryu, bit by bit. Thanks so much for finishing the job (aside from Seth) of unlocking characters on Versis’ main PS3 machine. You turned a tedious job into a fun exhibition.

Future Fight Nights & A Big Spring Break of Fighters
I am very much looking forward to future fight nights.

Next week might even be a crazy week considering Wednesday will have Ground Kontrol (did I spell that right?) and then Fight Night @ Versis on Thursday.


artoor = artur and thanks for setting this up. It’s every thurs right ? I’ll try and show up next week.


Thanks for the crack session yesterday Nick. Hopefully I’ll attend these events more often. Glad to see the matches meand you played helped you improve. But next time at versis imma get down on that multicade cabinet.

Ggs to samY, ross, ray, makenzie, andrew tha mash with the cheap stuff. Good shit to Grant for being random and nice to meet bobby.

With this game I’ll prob be playing hardbody so if you wanna game hit me up for a session, on or off-line. I’ve come to see that offline sessions suck because you learn less compared to real life matches .I’ll b at versis next week with some “different” competition.


Multicade matches are gonna be fun. I wish that multicade cabinet could do Naomi/CPS3 stuff. But it’s got a gigantic collection of CPS2 and Neo Geo among other things.

BTW, did you mean that online or offline sessions suck because you learn less?

Artur, yep, every Thursday is fight night and the deal extends to everyone who asks for it :slight_smile:



Every Thursday? I’ll show up next Thursday unless something comes up.


Hey Yangsing, been awhile :slight_smile:

Yep, every Thursday. Looking forward to playing with you again, man!



I had a great time last night. Lots of good SF4 matches and we even had some Tekken 5 DR and VF5 action last night.

Direct thanks to the following players for making it an awesome session (this list almost in order of appearance):

Ben - It’s great to meet a new face. It makes it even better that you debut with a very, very strong Balrog with 10+ win streaks and a winning record on almost everyone in the place. Keep it up!

Yangsing - It’s been a long time, so glad you could make it! Very nice Bison :slight_smile: Also enjoyed the VF matches and looking forward to more.

Tron_Javolta - It was really nice to meet you, Mike and I’m looking forward to the next time. Hilarious handle btw. It’s too bad more ST action on the multicade happened a bit after you guys left, but hopefully it’ll go on next time. Wish we had played more, but it was very fun chatting.

Noel - Always good to see a Texas representative. Hope to see you again in the future. Nice Ryu in SF4 and it was fun watching you and Ray fight it out in Tekken 5 DR. I’m looking forward to the North American Tekken 6 scene expanding with the release of the console versions.

Taylor - Glad you got to play with more of the Portland Street Fighter community last night. Nice Cammy!

Hien - Always good to have you when you can make it out here. I was going to join you for Outlaw BBQ because I love that place, but I felt I should hang out at Versis in case other people show up for fight night (and they did). I saw more of your Cammy last night than your Ken, the matches looked fun. Too bad we started the VF5 session after you left.

Full Metal Ross - It’s been great having you at these sessions the past three weeks, Ross. I’m going to miss having you in Gresham this season, with your schedule not working out with it. But I promise you, I’ll be reminding people to also come to Random Select nights and what not. Your Viper and Gouken matches are things I look forward to watching these past three weeks. And again, your knowledge and combos are a huge plus to any of the get-togethers.

**Rayblade **- Always good having you there, fun watching the Ray streaks going on. And big thanks for getting VF5 into the session, I really enjoyed our matches, though we only had a few this time. But as usual, we were going at each other back and forth in VF. I didn’t get to see much of your SF4 Rose last night, but I finally got to see more of your Guile! And of course, your Gen still drives everyone nuts. Good games! Good streaks too! (it doesn’t feel like a Portland gathering until Ray streaks it up on some games and he certainly brought it)

**Derek **- So glad you came to this. Though you’re the only one using a pad at the gathering, it’s good seeing you fight more of the veterans and hanging in there. Keep it up, keep practicing, like all the games you’ve been playing, you keep improving and I know you’re going to drive me nuts the next time we fight it out in SF4.

Andrew N. - It’s always a party with you around! It just wouldn’t be the same without your Blanka driving people nuts. I really enjoyed watching your Blanka fight it out with Ben’s Balrog and dispelling a lot of people’s notion that Blanka is too weak against Balrog. You guys had really intense matches and your Blanka drives people freaking crazy.

Thomas - Man, I wish we had played against each other. Been a long time! That said, keep it up with Random Select, I hope you don’t mind me sending people your way. But also looking forward to seeing you at Versis too :slight_smile: More SF4 and VF5 action, I hope!

Shinryujin - You made it out to Versis! On top of that, you fixed our multicade! Thanks man! I will definitely take you up on the offer you proposed. Too bad we didn’t play SF4, but we will soon! Also too bad we ended up not fighting in VF5 too. Next time, man.

Mackinzie - Despite your work hours, I’m impressed and amazed you’re able to come out to these and bring Grant and Sam B out! Thanks and it’s very much appreciated. I didn’t get to see your Abel enough this time, but I’m glad I still saw it a bit. Looking forward to more SF4 and VF5 matches.

Grant - I don’t think we got to play each other this time… we’ll have to fight it out next time! Thanks for coming along, always and we’re gonna have to fight sooner or later!

Sam B. - Geez, you had the streak of the night on the PS3 setup and you were the last guy to arrive (at nearly 1am even). What was that streak? I know it was 20+ I think last night was the first time I saw you play Bison, but it looked like your Ryu was destroying everyone. I know Ray and I were wanting to change the 360 setup to VF5, but your series of matches with Ben were the highlight of the night and I didn’t mind seeing it keep on going. You guys were at each others’ throats. Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Again to all, great night and CHEERS! I’m looking forward to next week! Random Select (Wednesday) and Fight Night @ Versis (Thursday). Gonna be a good week!

Also, while Fatbear couldn’t make it out tonight due to illness (we hope you get well soon), can’t wait to see him next week. Hopefully twice, at both events!



goh makes me hate and love vf5.



Mmm. I need to see about making it out for this. Would there be any interest in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom if I brought it out?

Wait. I’m still on spring break this week… I should try and head down there for some good times. Thanks for hosting. :tup:


I would love to play the game, personally :slight_smile:

There’s a station you could easily hook up an import Wii on (or do you use a loader of some sort?) and it would have the least amount of lag for 480P as far as displays at the store goes (there might be a tiny amount of lag, almost unnoticeable for most people).