[SF4] Should I buy an Xbox for SF4 online matches instead of playing on a PC?

I have a basic question that’s been bugging me for some time now.
SF4 is my first fighting game, I got it together with a TE stick when it came out for the PC and I am a big fan ever since. Now fortunately, I have advanced my game to a point where i don’t throw out random uppercuts all the time anymore :rofl: and timing becomes more and more of an issue.

Everybody knows that online play is not the greatest thing in the world, but lately I have a problem that is not really related to lag. Sometimes I play on 4 or 5 bar connections but the fight totally sucks, because my opponents have a crappy PC and set the graphic details too high so the game runs anywhere from 10%-50% slower compared to my offline experience. Now obviously this not only ruins any attempt to link things but also anything that needs decent timing.

So I am wondering if I should buy an Xbox 360 for a better online experience ? I am a console “noob” and basically it would only be for SF so I am a bit unsure if it is really worth spending the money. I had hoped for some feedback from people that have online experience on the Xbox 360 as well as on a PC.

Any input appreciated :wgrin:

Thanks and Happy Easter

best multiplayer is xbox. simple as.

SSF4 doesn’t seem to be coming out for PC. Get a 360.

I played SF4 on the PC once. Playing vs a friend offline, it was fine because he had a good computer, but playing online vs someone else was basically torture.
In the 7-10 matches I played, the game ran at about a consistent 80% of the normal speed. But it would constantly fluctuate from about 50% to 90% when anything happens. Basically the timing on every combo and blocking and stuff was just total guessing. Not only that but all of the players I played where just horrible flowchart kens and just people trying to abuse lame tactics or runaways.

I seriously don’t know how you guys put up with that stuff, I don’t like playing with lag whatsoever online (and I main C. Viper >_>), but PC SF4 is just so bad I would much rather just be playing on GGPO or not playing SF at all.

Get an xbox/ps3

I play mostly on a pc, I also have it for xbox but most of the time i play on pc. FPS lag is king of an issue but honestly I dont run into it that often. And pretty much never run into it anymore in g1 matches.

edit - but if i were you id get one anyway for the release of super.

I have no idea why PC is worse than the 360, but it is. I get red connections so often and I have Comcast cable. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Unless you get your pleasure from milling points on ranked or championship mode, it’s not that hard to just amass a friends list of good players [with good PCs/connections] and play them exclusively.

Every time you have a good match just send them a friends request, most people will accept them. Also there are threads here on SRK for exchanging online GFWL tags.

But of course you want a 360 for Super anyhow.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss.

no you dont buy an xbox for sf4…

you buy an xbox for more than just sf4. Trials HD, mang :slight_smile:

Personally, I think you should buy an Xbox for SF4 offline matches instead of playing it online.


Bison will the you the answer.

When PC Version runs fine and u have ur frame rate settings to fixed its much better then console. The major problem with consoles for me is that to many ppl use wireless connections that sucks big time.

I used to play on the PC and it sucked big time. Too many people didn’t have good PCs and had their settings maxed (even with fixed fps rate) and it was just horrible. Not to mention the flowchart players and the ragequitters, so many scrubby players on the PC.

I’m now on the Xbox 360 and its better than PC by a mile and some change. The only problem is the stupid ass people who play on wireless connections and lag like hell, but everything else is way better than the PC version.

I dunno, I definitely had a bunch of issues with what you describe in G3, but since hitting G2, I’ve rarely come across a bad match that was due to someone having their PC settings fucked up. Never really had issues with a bunch of ragequitting either. So for me, PC has been far more fulfilling than 360 was. But that’s just my experience, of course.

Considering that Super is coming out for the 360 and it is coming out for the PC in the month of Janmarchuary, 2014, I’d say just get a 360.

PC Street Fighter is fine, the online is frustrating because a lot of people don’t seem to realize that a computer that runs at 15 fps is a bad thing. It happens to me about once a night.

Wow, thanks a lot for all the helpful input! :pleased:

I think I am going for a console with SSF4 around the corner.

One additional question though: With regards to online play only, am I better off with buying an Xbox or is maybe even a PS3 preferrable ? Does it matter at all? Like I said, I am only interested in the online aspect, don’t want to ignite a console war about which is better in general :rofl:


  • More players
  • Cheaper overall
  • $50 a year online fee


  • No online fee
  • Blu Ray player
  • Tournament standard
  • More expensive
  • Less players

tbh it depends most on whether or not you want a Blu Ray player and what kind of stick you have.

As long as the frame rate is set to “fixed” instead of the default “variable” in the SF4 PC settings, it will skip frames so that the game will run at 60 fps even if you have a crappy computer that can’t display all 60 frames.

The problem begins when people with crappy computers leave their fps setting on “variable” and think that playing in slow-mo and getting used to it will give them some sort of distinct advantage over others.

Because the fixed frame rate is not forced when you play online, people who play against these players are forced to play their slow-mo game.

I’m getting SSF4 for PS3 anyways and won’t miss this BS from PC vanilla SF4.

However, I will be happy to buy the PC version if it does come out and they fix these glaring issues if only so I can play the game at a >720p resolution.

I think this hits the nail on the head.
From what I’ve heard you guys get better online connections aswell?

It’s all a matter of preference, I chose PS3 because it was more convenient at the time since I’m used to the pad setup (as I don’t play stick yet) and all of my friends who played SFIV were on PS3.

I was G-2 and been playing PC SF IV since it came out in July. I’m not talking about the Slow-Motion lag from not playing with Fixed FPS setting. I’m talking about players with shitty computers with shitty internet connections that lagged like their PC was going to explode from all the action going on in the screen. And even in G2 I had atleast 2-3 ragequitters a day there. Its so easy to rage quit in SF IV PC since you can play in windowed mode and just close the window when you are feeling like leaving the match. Although I do get atleast 1 ragequit per session on XBL it feels like less people rage quit, maybe because I play less on xbox than I did on the PC, I don’t know.

Same as above, I’d get lag with people a lot on PC and it wasn’t the slow-motion lag that you experience from not setting the FPS to Fixed. Even though PS3 has a bit less players than xbox I still think that its waaaaaay better than PC. Console will always be better than PC because everyone is on the same equipment. The only thing that will separate people on console is if you are wireless or wired and if you installed the game to the hard drive or not. in my opinion ofcourse.