SF4 SoCal Ranbats @ FFA (Starting Sept. 20th)

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Starts Saturday, September 20th. Signups will start at 12pm Tournament will start @ 2pm.

2/3 Double Elimination
3/5 for Grand Finals
Also, a surprise, read more below

$4 (subject to change) entry per person
Pot is split 70, 20, 10

2x 42" or 46" (still unconfirmed on size) HDTVs
American sticks w/ convex (Japanese competition) buttons
NEW!!! A surprise that will be announced for those that would like to play on a Sanwa setup :bgrin:

I have been in talks with the owner of the arcade and have been wanting to make the arcade huge again like it was at its prime, hey I can hope can’t I. Anyway, if we get it done in time all casual matches day after day will be streamed live on the internet. Also, when we start to do this we will also start to have the ranbats live on the internet. This includes live matches, commentary, and interviews. We’re just trying to make the scene huge like it should be.

-Tha Hindu

ooo good shit

Vote Sanchez for commentator 08. Who will be his Vice Commentator? Stay tuned in to find out true believers! WOOOO


I too vote for my ni666a sanchez

i hear that HDPHNZ is good at commentatin, all for Sanchez commentator!

HDPHNZ is too nice. Woo!




I edited the “Setup” portion in the first post. What could the surprise be you ask? You will find out hopefully by the end of the week.

Sanchez for commentator eh? We’ll wait and see.

-Tha Hindu

im going 2 this

will these be bi-weekly?


SANCHEZ FOR COMMENTATOR!!!:woot::woot::woot:

the ranbats need to start later. thanks

Lets do it!!! Sanchez for Commentator 08!

get hyped, 6 days left!

We’re also open 24 hours tonight, come get more practice.

How many episodes is this running? 5 or 6?

I wanna be vice commentator.

Sanchez FTW. :woot: