SF4 SRK team battles

An Idea I had for a long while. Some of you know , those of you who I sent msg’s to via ps3.

SBO Style kind of play , but with 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3.

1V1: Challenging a certain team member

2v2: Arranging Match times , when two select members challenge two others from another team

3v3: Arranging Match times , when three select members challenge three others from another teamI was thinking the format being like this [Avatars I made]


Team RYUK 5-0
Leader: SomeGuy


Team Acid 0-5
Leader : Junkie

With casual challenges , that adds to record for the week "5-0"
With Tournaments on select weekends.

  • If 2v2 and ends in 1-1 , go for best of 5 [Both players play another set[Best of 3 GAMES]]Wins should be posted in this thread. So it’s public , honesty plays big part. It’s all for fun =/
    Win posting format below
    "Team RYUK beat Acid 2-1 , 2v2" [Post the team play style , 1v1 , 2v2 , or 3v3. Let’s try to keep the 3v3 the max]

-When accepting a challenge make sure your peeps are active 0_o

  • You can have up to 5 members max(subs and etc)
    -Leader can pick who goes in or w.e your team wanna do.
    -The scores reset everyweek , with last week winners getting a shoutout, with their logo posted
    -Logos are 64x64
  • I hope this system isn’t broken LOL
    -Applying for team should be a pm sent to leader
    -Tournaments will sometimes have prizes
  • All chars allowed till further notice
    -May be making this the rules thread, and the battle thread seperete.
    Shoutout format below


Team RYUK 5-0
Leader: SomeGuy

Yall down?
Me & Blazeu will be making teams. So you can apply(sending pm)

find ur team members!!!

I suck to much to take part in this, but good luck to those who do. :rofl:

i’d be down

I’ll make the battle thread when we get people aware & interested.

Who wants to rule the world with me?:wonder:

I’d be down for that.

im down

Luigi, I will if you Daigo the other teams members so I don’t have to fight lol!


I’m down if anyone wants a Chun player around.

im down if anyone wants an abel on their team

Chunbelievable i’ll be your team mate if you want.


Unfortunately, I wan’t non-scrubs on my team.:rofl: Jk.

What a bum. Tryna eat off my skills.:shake: You gotta put in work lol

sign me and doujinshi up. were team mates

Chun Li & Ryu are on deck HOWL AT YOUR BOI!!! I’m in for this, sounds like a good idea.

Rog, Chun, and Gen.

The cool characters! :wink:


Ryu and Ken here
and a few secondary…

someone want to team up with me??
somebody pick me!!!


Let me get in this. Dictator and Blanka beeeeeitch!

Spoon and T3R! Let’s do this! What should we call ourselves? Something from our 3 characters perhaps? The Shin Psycho Thighs? :lol:

This is a good idea. In a few weeks maybe I’ll come up with a team =)