SF4 / SSF4 - Balrog Custom Trials

Part Combo thread, part Trial thread though should be enough to talk about to warrant it a place outside of either related threads as it’s all about customized trial/combos.

Lately I’ve seen a damn load of nice movies showing how people have sought after FAR more advanced ways to end Hard Trials - Some might even go so far as wish things like that were implemented into SSF4 for the real combo junkies to test themselves with. Some people have made basic movies of training room combos and challenged people to do them, others have looked for ways to slot in a trial combo into a completely custom combo (extend it, basically).

Balrog has cropped up a few times but overall a lot of his trials/extensions are very similar/ the same so I’m curious to know what people consider as a real challenging Trial/Combo - Quite possibly as a means to see what we may expect (or want) from SSF4 when it comes to Trials?

I tried my hand at some basic extensions but they’re nothing fancy and mostly pretty lame ‘openings’ tacked on to Balrogs Hard Trial 4 combo, which isn’t too great, really.


So, beit looking for a challenge or generally curious, maybe folks here could pitch in some ideas for custom trial combos?

Examples of possible extensions.

The SFJab to Ultra: [media=youtube]ytwGlA5aW0A[/media]
(Love you SeedyR0M), things like that would be tough as nails to tack onto an already complex combo and I’ve seen many people mould it into ridiculously long combos and opting for them to become some kind of elite trial.

Perfect example of what I’m talking about, though sadly only one basic one of Balrog:


Much better example of what I’m trying to say, just need to conjour up more ideas for Balrog.

I hope that Sonichurricane.com guy comes up with some neat combos from him but i doubt it.

Try this combo on crouching C. Viper:

DSB, FA2, cs. rh, cr. mp, ex RU, c. lp, c. lk xx hp headbutt, ultra

I’ve done that before actually. Very sexy combo. Works at times on M. Bison as well I believe.

You mean this one?

Just checked here a while back and saw the suggestion and gave it a go - Funnily enough I didn’t find it all that difficult - My problem comes when combos involve focus cancels as it’s very hard to do it on Keyboard fast enough but I’m getting better - Most of the standard combo’s I can get with a little time. It is one nasty combo, though, over half of her health gone!