Sf4 --> ssf4

Sooo. How many of you are looking forward to re learning this entire game plus 14 more character matchups. AE is coming out in July and it is essentially a new game with all the rebalancing. I’m looking to pick up 3-4 new characters and also keeping my main. :smiley:

What’s up C2Q, I can’t wait for AE. I’ll have to hop on the pc to play you more often. You main Ryu if I remember correctly right?

Throw me an invite on steam. Same name.

I am pretty excited…i will probab;y stay with geif and t.hawk

Looking forward to new players again, and maybe the championship mode or whatever it’s going to have.

Yeah and im really hoping for some matchmaking improvements. More green bars please.

You just know somebody’s gonna do a Broly skin for Oni.

Really looking forward to ‘endless battle’ and the new BP/PP system. I really felt the PC version was lacking in those. I’m slightly less excited about my favorite character (Gen) though, since it seems like he plays completely different in AE.

I’ll keep playing my current roster and will also learn Guy and Makoto. Then maybe Juri. Gonna be hard not to tkcs with Cammy.

I only have 10 hours on SF4, and I’m already excited for the AE.
Less recovery on my main Sakura though, looking at the AE character changes. It’s all good :smiley:

Oh hell yes, looking forward to AE, curious how my 3 will be different from vanilla to AE…Guile, Blanka and Zang…

Nerfed, nerfed and nerfed.

lol ya rly, its ok though - so has over half the cast in AE. Still hype for the new matchups.

I’m looking forward to it, especially if it will/is really balanced. Unfortunately I won’t pick it up day1 like I did with SF4, unless I get a sudden influx of extra money. Hopefully it won’t be long before some Steam action (ofcourse it will be on Steam).

Until then I will keep on maining Chun Li and playing SF4 on PC.
When I switch to SSF4 I’ll probably keep on playing Chun but my 2nd main will probably be that girl which uses TaeKwanDo because I love that martial art.

I’m thinking about getting it, if for no other reason to contribute to the PC sales, so in the future they can bring other SF titles to the PC.