SF4 Stick agility, Help

I hope this doesnt sound stupid so please dont dismiss me withou giving me a chance. Ive played fighting games with a pad since i can remember. I can pretty much pull any Supers, Ultras and combos with the stick but i dont have the agility that i have with the pad. Am talking about regular movements from jumps, jump ins, dashes etc. I feel like am a step behind when it comes to this. I plot my action in my head but i feel one step behind because of the movement range that come with the stick compare to pad. Its a wrist thing as opposed to thumb. I can face the same opponent with the same character and i can execute with the pad and not the stick. If i can do any move that people consider hard with the stick but can seem to put it together, does that mean am still in the stick suckage bracket? Any pointer are welcome.

For the 10 millionth time: practice practice practice, it takes significant time to change over. For me it was about 2 months of playing > 1 hour / day. But it’s worth it.

Make sure you are holding the stick properly, it took me about 3 weeks (maybe 20 hrs of gameplay) to be comfortable with a stick

Because there totally isn’t a SF4 forum RIGHT ABOVE US.

please don’t dismiss the search function without giving it a chance.

u should reroll ur character…

Chase a chicken around the yard, that always improves my agility.