SF4 Sticks: Bad news for Euro customers :(

As any of the european guys on here will already know, SF4 accessories… namely the sticks are like gold dust, literally, you can’t buy the things for love nor money right now… and it looks like its set to get even worse :sweat:

Having scowered the internet religiously since launch im still no closer to getting my hands on one so i decided to make a few phone calls to try and get more info on when we’re likely to be hit with the 2nd batch…

Having spoken to a few of the major retailers with little success i decided to give onestoppcshop.com a tinkle, as their site actually says they have them in stock (w00t!) However my excitement was short lived.

The guy at the other end stated that there “was” a shipment of these coming over from China, but because of the well known washer issue it had been recalled and now mad catz arent shipping any of the 2nd batch over until Late April\May Time!

JC Monkeyballs
tbh i havent played SF in over a week due to hadouken finger along with the fear of turning my 360 pad and my LCD screen into a piece of modern art.

If id have known this id have probably saved a few quid and got the PC version… which would have given me more options for controllers… sigh…

I dont know about anyone else but this will be the first and last mad catz product i will ever buy…

Until i get a stick i can’t play sf4… im just old skool like that! :rolleyes:

Look on the bright side. May be Lizardlick would be caught up with the backorders by then, so mod parts will be available immediately.

To be honest I knew this was going to happen. The european market is treated kinda badly when it comes to getting hardware. This is why I decided to go the custom route. Its only costing me 30 more than a TE stick but I get what I want and obviously know I wont have any issues with it (fingers crossed).

I suggest you do the same. There is a thread in the trading outlet, where modded sticks are being sold, pick one up.

yeah reflects pretty much what i’ve been told by the guy at my local gamestop here in germany… he told me it was going to be april 15th when they get their shipment. amazon.de is a little more optimistic about their release date which is april 1st, but considering their last date was march 1st makes me think it’s more of an april fool’s joke than an accurate date…

i really hate to like gaming while living in shitty germany^^ but well, at least the problem seems to cover europe entirely :slight_smile:

Very true. Being a long time SF fan it would have been nice to get my hands on some genuine merchandise, but in reality i really dont care who makes the bloody thing, its the Sanwa setup that makes my dick hard.

Am i right in saying you have to be a member of SRK for so long before u can access the trading outlet?

I’ve been silently reading this forum for ages, but only signed up today to let people know this nugget of information.

good one :wink:
i’ve got a shitload of seimitsu buttons and a jlf and ls-32 sitting here waiting for something to put them into^^… man if i had the tools i’d definitely do something myself :frowning:

Nope, you can post and but from the trading outlet but can’t sell. Theres some nice stuff on sale there. Only problem is that shipping to the UK (insured) costs $60 :frowning:

i really wish i could sell to you guys in europe. i have an extra fight stick and and an extra TE stick but paypal is very restrictive of that. if you guys know another route i’m open to it. I have a ps3 fight stick se available and ps3 TE stick both brand new.

yeah good old germany … tried nearly every shop, some of the them even in 2008 but got dissapointet pretty much :sad:

actually computeruniverse.de will ship them today but i will first belive it when i have it in my hands (ordered dec 2008) … they are packaging it for 8h now :arazz:
but 115? is pretty cheap compared to 150? from amazon …

Well i got myself an hori ex2 just to calm my hunger for a stick, next will be custom, no way i give madcatz 150 after this fuckin fiasco they can rot in hell (or being punched by kens all day long)

give us an update if you get it^^
the se stick is only 61,90? which is also pretty cheap but of course it’s out of stock :stuck_out_tongue:

should have found that page a long time ago :frowning:

placed an order there too now … lets see who is faster, them or my amazon pre order from january :sweat:

generally it seems like all european retailers have no real idea when a “big” shipment arrives. just a few sticks appear here and there.

I am also waiting for an SE stick (which is 80 euro here in NL).
The shop keeps on changing the delivery date of my pre-order.
First it was 27th of Feb now its somewhere in April :(, no one has a definitive date.

It really sucks… by the time I have a stick I probably prefer a pad :rofl:


the only reason i made this thread was that this is the first genuine answer i have received. Everybody else just keeps quoting “April” (who doesn’t know this already?) but never back this up with any sort of reference.

I purposely left it till friday afternoon, typically, its when bullshit is at its lowest point.

I managed to fill my quota on the blanka pads during the half hour they were in stock on gameshark, and to tell u the truth i dont even want them, just got carried away when i saw there was actually something sf4 to buy!

Does anyone wanna do a trade for a 360 TE stick?

Did you mean onstoppcshop.co.uk or pconestopshop.com?

Anyways, April 12th is the date I’ve been given by UK retailers here, which makes sense if they’re saying 15th for DE.

i got 1-3. shipping date from amazon.de
and other retailers published 25.march.

if anyone realy gets one repot asap :slight_smile:

Here in Sweden they’ve pushed all the dates up to the 25th - 27th of March depending on which retailer you check with. <sigh>

It’s ridiculous. I’m so desperate for an arcade stick, but there are literally NONE here. The only places that will stock them are places where people can sell their old preowned items like CEX and Gamestation, but even then you’re dicing with death because you have no idea how old it is, and of course you have to wait for someone to actually sell it to those stores. I’m so desperate i’m even looking for crappy ones like the EX2 or Hori Fighting Stick 3 to use on my PC but no luck. It’s bullshit.

got my TE 1h ago …
seems to work without a problem and no obvious visual issues for now …

120? with shipping and tax … not a bad deal

nice! hope you’ll enjoy it…
seems some ppl actually get their sticks in europe^^