sf4 sucks

went to evo for a couple of hours tonight to see the hoopla. there was only one console with hdr and it was for a side tourney. lotsa sf4 and guilty gear (some mvc2, forgot about that one) but again only one hdr. couldn’t believe it, even with the remix tourney starting early the next day.

ended up sitting down and playing DR (only one console) with some pad players who murdered me. couldn’t finish anything to even make it competitive. “oh yeah! ewgf, meet my fab.”

anyway, just bitching about sf4 because i coulda stayed home and got more remix action online. did win some money on the craps table and met a couple of cuties so not a complete loss.

btw, kudos to the cat that left us his ps3 so i could lose some more at tekken.

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sf4 does suck.
It would have been nice if HD Remix came out a year earlier so it would be focused on at EVo instead of SF4.

i knew if i trolled this in here, someone would back me up. i don’t think that it would have been the focus, but the turnout would have been better for sure.

i will admit that jwong picking balrog was sick. it took a while for daigo to adjust to the high damage pokes and anti-air normal, but he figured it out eventually. it was almost too late. jwong couldn’t counter daigo’s low forward after daigo found his range, but at least i had the feeling it could have went either way.

the finals was definitely entertaining and as competitively intense as any game possible. if sanford (i think it was sanford) hadn’t have picked cammy, i would have left. i was that bored. i’m glad i didn’t.

as good as the finals was, the game still sucks. the last game between wong’s abel and daigo is a perfect example of how lame the game can be and how the game is overall. before people start flaming me, at least hear me out a little.



first of all, they need to speed up the game a little. if it hurts online play, so be it. i’d rather have a better game that didn’t work online than a worse game that did. you can slow the game down for online if necessary, but right now there is enough draw that people can get together and play at faster speeds as an option.

second, and i’ve said this before, but they need to make each character more unique within the game.

for example, take away zang’s dash and super meter. instead, give him a focus attack that can absorb up to two hits instead of one but does not attack upon release. instead, all absorbed attacks adds more to his ultra. also give him his ST spd range. change his banishing hand so that it hits twice with the fierce, and once with the strong and jab. the semifinals match between zang (can’t remember who) and wong’s rufus is a good example of why these changes are necessary.

as for the other characters, and i won’t go into depth because i don’t play the game much:

dhalsim has his old pressure drills.

only cammy, fuerte, fei long, and blanka has the dash.

bison can scissors in the air.

dan can focus attack from the air, and/or has an unblockable focus attack.

shen gouki doesn’t have a focus attack (actually should play the game more to figure out who should have one and who shouldn’t) but his reversals have more damage possibilities.



these are just a few examples of what is possible and how much more depth that can be added to the game. i picked zang since he is my main and i know the most about him and how he fits into sf4.

being able to absorb between 1 or 2 hits with his focus allows him to mix up his defense and opens up for spd possibilities. if you tried to jump in rh into low rh for the knockdown, he absorbs both and you eat the spd. if you jump in rh, low forward into fireball, he eats the fireball.

with his banishing hand, you have to guess if he did a strong or a fierce one. the strong hits once, the fierce hits twice. if you block the strong bhand and tried to wait out two hits of the fierce bhand, spd. if you block for the strong bhand and tried to reversal after one hit but two hits came out and kept you in the block stun longer, you miss your reversal, spd. if you tried to reversal after one hit, and then again after the second hit (ie dragon punch twice) and zangief blocks after your reversal dp comes out, spd.

now this doesn’t mean that zang is guaranteed an spd because there is still a one frame window for a reversal prior to the spd. zang does a strong bhand and tries to spd and you guess right, zang eats the reversal. he does the fierce, you wait out two hits and then reversal, zang eats it. oh, and the jab bhand is short and quick. no contact (block or otherwise) whiff and you’re sitting there blocking like an idiot, spd.

remember this incarnation of zang does not have a dash or super. he has an ultra that he builds from being hit or absorbing from focus attacks. the man is slow and a large lumbering target.

anyway, i know this is the wrong forum, but i felt i’d get better responses here and not a bunch of flames. take it for what it’s worth,


Street fighter iv sucks simply because its a combo fighter. Its about links and juggles.

Street fighter II is great because you can win without needing the combos although they help.

I didn’t like SF4 because it was too slow, floaty jumps, AA being less efficient, and some characters simply having orgasm great fireball games, where as others(ken) had extremely bad fireball games, arenas are too large, runaway is too hard to stop, and overall just not a that much fun.

Of course this is an opinion of course.

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i’m amazed this thread is still open and in the HDr forum!

Yet when i make a thread about the possibility of adding characters to HD remix, the thread is closed in a smegging day.

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